The 7 deadly sins, but in kink form?

So, I’ve had an idea knocking in my think-melon for a while for a take on Hell that focuses a lot on expansion, WG, and vore. Essentially, demons both torture sinners and constantly indulge their own vices to power Hell’s cum economy, or whatever the fuck they’re working towards, idk. Anyway, demons fall into at least one category (usually 2 or more) based on their most prominent vices, which are based around the 7 deadly sins. Each sin correlates to different kinks, behaviors, and demonic powers. So, to give an example, here’s what I had in mind for some of them:

  • Lust: Pretty straightforward. Lust demons are in a constant state of extreme thirst and have a reputation for being Hell’s baby factories. Assuming, uh, demons can have babies…I’m still working on that part. This sin correlates largely towards pregnancy, especially hyperpreg.

  • Wrath: Associated with domination and sadism, especially with the vore angle. Because demons are basically indestructible, they can be a lot rougher with their partners than human couples; but they tend to take out most of their anger on the sinners they’re supposed to torture in the first place.

  • Gluttony: Again, should be obvious. Gluttony demons are constantly eating, and if they aren’t sloth demons, they’re pretty active in the pursuit of food, including sinners…not that this really does much for their waistline.

  • Sloth: More than just laziness, sloth pertains to inaction and submission. They’re essentially the antithesis of wrath demons, being the ones who get dominated (unless you’re a sinner), so it’s rare to see a wrath-sloth demon.

  • Pride: Pride demons are the most vain and tend to fixate on some aspect of their appearance, then do everything in their power to go ham on it. So, for instance, a pride-lust demon may fixate on the size of her pregnancy or her gains from it, and so try to get as absurdly knocked-up as possible.

It’s greed and envy that give me trouble. These are hard to apply in a sexual/kink-based context, and I was wondering what ideas you guys might have for these. I mean, envy might be infatuation with others’ appearances, but that feels like it’d be more relevant to lust. So, what do you think greed and envy could entail in this context?


Hmm Greed could be a sub aspect of Domination. more Having lovers or more of some other aspect. Could be the most common Sin for a parring like having the Most babies from a pregnancy the most food. you get the idea.
envy maybe something like aspect theft? taking what they envy from others? could be used as some kind of marketplace trade some thing you got for something else. like maybe cock size for larger breasts
Edit greed could also be about Growth or “gain” they always want more size so to speak.

Greed could work with immobility/stuck fetishes, like demons who are so obsessed with hoarding food that they are the fattest beings in hell. Their interaction with sinners could be keeping them like slaves and feeding them immense quantities of food so they could boast of having the largest, most corpulent harem in the underworld. This would overlap nicely with pride.

As for envy, they could be demons who are denied sinners entirely and are left to covet those held by other demons. This could result in a kind of yandere personality where they steal away sinners from other demons and hold them hostage. To prevent the sinners from ever leaving again, they’d try to coerce them with offerings of “love” which would of course include extravagant feasts and pampering. You could play around with both willing and unwilling captives here, which would provide a nice area to explore voluntary gaining content. Envy could overlap with several other types of demons, but an overlap with sloth is unlikely.


OH yeah thats a nice idea

like a Wraith envy (domination and Yandare) could have them be more like pampered pets?

I may be stretching, but what if there are certain demons who focus on making turning sinners into their kind. An example could be a demon trying to to turn a someone who isn’t into sex (or those who vowed abstinence) into a sex crazed maniac.

For greed that could boil down to them wanting more and more about certain interactions, like wanting to push punishment further for their own needs (far greater compared to others) or that they seek a some title and are willing to use sinners to achieve it (all the while to try and manipulate them to go along with it).

Lastly I think the list is more fluid, like a sloth/wrath demon could be a one that sleeps most of the time but it they are disturbed that go into an aggressive rage over the action, or a greed and lust combo can lead to some… oh dear.

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I’m sure many of the sinners would be grateful for the rescue and would willingly stay with Envy, either out of true gratitude or just because they feel indebted. However, whoever is running the underworld needs to keep their quota so the Envy demons would be designed to be far more overbearing and possessive than any human could feasibly bear which would inevitably degrade the relationship into a forced captivity situation in most circumstances. Of course, at that point the only true recourse left to Envy would be to make sure their lovely little pets can’t escape under any circumstances. Perhaps if they were too heavy to move… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This would also be in character for the demons cuz they’d be torturing the sinners with “kindness and love”.


it would add to it if there was like a internal competition. like the wraith demons tend to be so productive the envy demons (one of the only ones that would do so) could have “favorites” that get exempt. but this is also used to tourture the sinners becuase know the sinners stuck with a envy demon have to fight for the limited spots

I was kind of thinking every sin could be its own thing. This only works for making greed an offshoot over other sins.

I’ve considered this, but I’m kind of against the idea of “reduction.”

That’s sorta where pride comes in. I could assign this to greed, but then pride’s short on a gimmick.

So, greed is the craving for power in an authoritative sense? Might be a good route to take.

This sorta overlaps with the picture you paint of greed, but could also work here, I guess? I think it fits greed better, though.

So, this isn’t really something that works as a trait for a sin, but I do like the idea of demons having different “jobs” in the court of Hell, and “converters” was a certain job I was thinking of.

I might play with this.

Yeah, I was thinking it’s not as simple as “oh you’re a lust demon so you’re ONLY allowed to have sex and do nothing else interesting.”

Some what? SOME WHAT???

This is something I can see happening to fatten up sinners for the “slaughter,” as well as to torture them via forcefeeding, more than just being the role of one class of demons, tbh.

Well if someone is lustful, and loves to have sex on a daily basis. Combining that with greed, of wanting more and more, I can easily see scenes of possibly the most aggressive sex and I don’t think there be any stopping it…
The thought sort of came as I remembered Stan Smith discovering all of the kinks and wants to do them all, and then how far that went.

if you don’t mind me asking and do you plan to do this as like a game or story? or is it pure thought experiment? both are fine

I don’t really know what my plans are atm. Right now, it’s just a worldbuilding project.

Fair enough not the first time people want to work though idea before thinking of doing something with it

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Funny, I was thinking of similar idea of a game only each of the lords of sin (all female) would be pregnant and trying to have their heir before any of the others so that it could be the next demon lord/lord of hell. By having them participate in the sin they represent, it would increase the gestation speed.
Also I dont know if this has been mentioned but could there be demons, maybe envy or greed that force feeds lesser demons? Anyways, looking forward to seeing how this game could play out.

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I did some research on historical perspectives on the sins, and I’ve come to the conclusion that greed is supposed to be a fixation on stuff. Possessions, wealth, anything worldly. As such, one idea I had is that greed demons might be Hell’s resident fashionistas, and they’re fixated on fashion, so they have both the most elaborate outfits, and the most; as well as a particular focus on stuff like jewelry and piercings. It’s not set in stone, but I feel like it fits the sin better than any other ideas I’ve had.

Hey, great minds…er, passable minds…minds…think alike, right?

…Anyway, sounds fun. I like the idea of having different routes based on which queen you help.

I like the idea of a demon class dedicated to feeding other demons, which isn’t really something any one sin deals with rn. The problem with that is, it only kinda makes sense for envy, but if you’re jealous of someone, why would you give them more of the thing you want? Idk, maybe it makes sense from the angle of these demons indulging their sins, so the envy demons have to fuel their own envy? I may play with this. It fits thematically, but I’m a bit iffy on the in-universe logic.

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hmm if this is done as a game or something. maybe have ranks of demons? could even play as a role for the player. your a imp the lowest demon. lowest strength but benefited by being undecided over a “natural” demon. and while you can gain power and evolve as a demon and even specialize in a sin or two you forever have the ability to benefit from any sin unlike other demons who only get off their specific sin. weak start great potential thing but you can’t become the demon lord at least Directly. that is only a option for a child of a hell lord or what ever title you go with. but you can still be their right hand man/woman so to speak if not their first spouse as well.

If I do this as a game, or as a story, I want to explore it from the perspective of a human learning about it for the first time. Hell wouldn’t really be exciting to explore because there’s no rabbit hole to go down; rather, it’s the bottom of that hole. You serve Lilith (who inherited the company after Satan retired) well enough, you get to go to become a proper demon in Hell, and getting roped into that is the journey that’s fun to go on, gradually entering a lifestyle more and more steeped in perversion and degeneracy until you’re a full-blown witch/vampire/whatever path you end up going down.

ah cool that could work out well if done right.
though why were you as a human given this chance?

The cult wants more members, they rope in the player character, shenanigans ensue. Details are forthcoming because, again, this is all still in the conception stage.

fair enough my own mental explination since im the overthinker like that was someone who died just barely sinful enough to end up in hell but not bad enough to actully get punished. like.5 precent the level for staying in limbo or something to that effect. your sounds better