The Absolute Smallest Definition of a "Team" Looking for Artists and/or 3D Modelers.

I know this is a bit early to call for the Gain Jam, but me and another user on here are teaming up to make a 3D game in Unity. We currently have a premise, a programmer (me), and a sound guy.

As they say, “The more the merrier”! We will appreciate anyone who brings their talents to the table. Regardless if your talent it is in Programming, Art, Sound, or Writing. However, the most pertinent role we are seeking for the time being are artists, be you a 3D modeler or a 2D Sprite/Concept Artist.

Hopefully, with your help, this project may live on beyond this year’s Gain Jam.


Yup, I’m the other person. I’m doing story, writing, music n stuff, Sunrise is doing programming. We have a fairly good idea going, just need an artist. We’re also thinking about continuing to work on the game after the jam if it’s a success so keep that in mind!