The Adventures Of Shirou ( An Expansion Fetish based rpg maker game)

New update for Adventures of Shirou has just been dropped!
Hope you all enjoy!


Pretty good update, the only problems i have with it are that you can’t interact with the witch after feeding her and ass smash ability is way too op it oneshot almost every enemy.

Will nerf the ass smash ability! As for the witch, I’ll leave her uninteractable for now because in the coming updates I have some plans for her~

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I loved this update! I enjoyed the Elfborn villager dialogue (before and after the event)! The Witch event was neat! One thing though, if you have too many tokens, using the checkers doesn’t seem to show images

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I have made a discord server where we can discuss ideas and bugs, etc regarding the game as well as a place to chat, chill and share~

I can’t enter the town to the north of Garbia.


that’s not available yet, will be able to enter in V3

Then you might want to change the dialog a bit, because the text implies that’s where you should go first.

ah! Sorry I forgot to make that change! Will be fixed in the bug fix update!

Made an page for the game! Downloads will now be there!


Where do I find the city of Elfborn? Once I get out of Garbia the only place where I can go is the witch house.

A very serious warning. THe man does not look like an adult and the says its under quarantine.

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yea so I have made a small error in the text for this, elfborn can be found behind the witch house located in the middle of the forest~

I mostly use koikatsu to create the art so with the existing models and faces this is how it appears. But the character is my oc named Shirou who is 19 years old!

Link to his oc card:

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this is just my opinion but please up the drop rate of tokens. i’ve killed at least 40 chickens and haven’t gotten a single one
edit: finally got to 15 tokens and nothing happened?

It’s been a while since I’ve felt so…miffed by a project coming from here. Whether it’s from the bugs, the poor spelling, the lack of game design or creativity, the threat to Yamansuki on being the only ass expansion game out here (/jk), or not even hitting the main premise all that well (Shirou is a femboi but we don’t really get much out of their gender or fashion sense), I’m left with not a lot of positive feelings.

I think the reason this one gets to me the most is that I feel like you are rushing out the game, trying to put something out, when you don’t really have to force it so much. A lot of the mistakes here, like the downed civilians swapping sprites when you speak to them from different angles, the Aunt Liz looping bug, how you can skip the Moo Moo Ranch sidequest on accident if you spike the potion before turning in the flowers, how you lose the Ass Clap skill if you level down from your second stage and then go back up, are things even a basic level of playtesting would catch. Combined with the lacking/lack of a story and characters, bad map design and signposting, getting your game quarantined by, and how the Token System is still incomplete and have no safeguards or much to use it on, it feels like you just want to post anything, quality be damned. While there isn’t much WRONG with this idea, after all DeviantArt and FurAffinity have Scrap Gallery settings, and artists always say fail first, fail often, fail forwards; it doesn’t quite mean not to put in some level of care to the project.

Game development isn’t a race, you don’t have to just fire out a release just to get some notability. You can take your time and experiment with the engine, understand the story you want to write, make a vertical slice to see if your core idea is feasible and (ass) expandable. Or if you want to get feedback more on a singular project, you can do some more focused releases, work on the small scale and build outwards. You already have 2 playable characters and one not-destroyed town to experiment with, you don’t have to brush through them so fast!

I just want you to avoid burning yourself out before you are sure what you want to produce and message to the community. Remember, you aren’t just developing a game, you are creating an experience that expresses yourself to others! It’s the same as your Koikatsu art, you obviously take the time to find the best shot and smoothest animation to use! It isn’t just about saying “I made something with KK” but taking the care to express your love of fembois!

(side note: that’s actually not my fetish but I least respect the originality)

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I’m so sorry that you didn’t enjoy the game as much as I hoped you would have. But nonetheless, I would like to sincerely thank you for the in depth feedback you have given me and will definitely follow the tips that you have given to make my game better!

I keep trying to download the file and it keeps saying something along the lines of the file being damaged.

also have this issue

try using this link to download

MEGA: 390.73 MB file on MEGA

If error still repeats, please send screenshot~