The Adventures Of Shirou ( An Expansion Fetish based rpg maker game)

The Adventures of Shirou!!!

The Adventures of Shirou is the tale of a femboy named Shirou who has been chosen by the goddess as one of the 4 heroes and it’s now up to him to defeat the demon queen and her minions…with his ass?!

All characters in this game are 18+!!!

Discord Server: Adventures of Shirou
(You can get early access to test version of the game!)

Estimated Game time 20-35 mins



Download: Adventures of Shirou: An Expansion Fetish RPG V2.5.1 by Meowdazeus

Current Fetishes Included:

  • Ass expansion
  • Breast expansion
  • Lactation
  • Weight Gain

Planned Fetishes:

  • Bimbofication/Himbofication


Version Changelog

  • Game released
v1.1 bugs fixes
  • Bugs are fixed


  • Bugs are fixed
  • Added new city of Elfborn
  • Added Fantasia Overworld
  • New fetish added, Weight Gain!!!
  • New Ass expasion scenes along with new forms for Shirou! ( Form 3-Ass level 15)
  • New character added

Bugs Fixed:

  • Repeating dialogues with Aunt Liz
  • Loss of Ass clap skill
  • Moo Moo ranch side quest skip bug


  • Better Map designs!
  • New dialogues!
  • New items!
  • New Battle Sprites!

For every 5 token you possess you increases your Ass Form

This is just ver.2.5.1 so of course there is a lot of content planned for this game!
Hope everyone enjoys it!!!


first of all welcome to our corner of the internet!.

Secondly i didn’t know you were making one now and i hope development goes well for you

And lastly is how big do you plan to make the Ass and Breast expansion by the end of the game?

Hey thanks a lot!
So I plan on making the AE and BE to hyper stages, possibly even near immobile too~


cool to hear speaking of, hate to ask this but i am having issues trying to find the BE cow girl bit

you might be missing some tags from the post from what I can see. If I remember correctly there should be a male tag as well. Just to help people know everything that a certain post might actually contain. And also since it helps with seeing what you like through the tag filters.

You might want to label the cave better, the ones you’ve chosen just make it look like there’s a hole in the wall and not an actual cave. I usually use this one, myself, for caves.

Also, if you somehow get two tokens before triggering the story, the events break and the game cannot continue - at least, when I chose ‘no’ to the Aunt, I couldn’t talk to her anymore - got an extra one by killing slimes.

Lastly - a little message saying it’s the end of the demo (if I’ve hit it, anyway, can’t tell. I killed the ghost, anyway) would help for the next update.

Otherwise, I think this is a good game, so far! Keep it up. ^^

Also i can’t seem to acess Betsie due to not being able to tell the MCs mom that’s the’ve become a chosen plus i also if i refuse to use an Ass token on her the first time i am soft locked out of giving her any at all

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Gave it a quick play, and it’s not bad, it could just use some more conveyance features like everyone is suggesting. Just a few things to tell the player “hey, maybe go over there” in game.


Uh…just out of curiosity, will the bimbofication/himbofication stuff be necessary at all while playing the game?

i’ll be dealing with bimbofication and himbofication quite far down the storyline but I may change it to something else too~ So yea it won’t be necessary, not for quite some time

seems like the dev here took inspiration from the unheard of, fetish master game

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Welp, time to hip check everything into submission, will be fun.

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updated the build to v1.1
bugs are fixed, added little tips to guide along the way~


Not a bad start the Idea is pretty fun and I can see how this game can change over time the one thing is that I need a better hint on items I can interact with because I did not know about the bottles till I read the guild you put out but beside that I do love the game.

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Moo Moo ranch is still locked off, Tims finishing the quest and giving back the sword doesn’t seem to unlock the area

hmmm…have you given the sword back and talked to aunt liz? Because I just tested it out and it worked

Ah ok i’ve figured what the issue might be, As soon as you get a 2nd Ass token it over rides the event, your going to need to prioritize that event over the other once Timmy has been given the sword!


If that’s the case, you might want to set either an event trigger or self-trigger for Aunt Liz, so that the event doesn’t just get overridden by having 2 ass tokens.

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Very fun start! I’ve always liked checking for hidden items in rpg makers games! Asides from an image being stuck on screen after choosing ‘no’ on an aunt liz choice, I had no issues so far. Can’t wait to see where this adventure goes!

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Will be fixed in the next update!

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