The Adventures Of Shirou ( An Expansion Fetish based rpg maker game)

Any plans for (any) kind of vore? Seeing the rimuru scene brings me hope…

  1. My bad lmao
  2. Fattified status drops agility and atk. hence the desc.
  3. Happens if you load a save from one of the previous version! (Versions before V3.1.1)
  4. These islands just are for the purpose of getting an idea on how the wind portal works

there are some vore concepts I’m planning to bring about in the next update!
(Optional of course)

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Now that I’ve fully played this update’s content (I think) I can safely say that this update is a huge step up from the last one!

I really enjoyed the new more detailed towns and I liked having collectibles in the overworld map. The puzzles in the new areas weren’t too bad except for a bug in the boulder puzzle room (fixed after an update).

Something that could be improved is that in a bunch of areas in the big city is that all the roads are 2 tiles wide, but some tiles have signs or other decorations on them, causing a choke point

Syrexis is hot, and I liked her character so far too. I think the Cock Ring item for her is a little overpowered though.

Something I didn’t like and also just did not expect was the fetishization of feral animals. would have liked a warning for something like that.

Hope this doesn’t come off as too harsh of feedback because I did really enjoy this update, and was a little scared that this project was abandoned.

Looking forward to the next content update!

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! Will def work on fixing the width of passages and adding warning for scenarios too!

Am i blind. I talked to the alchemist who says i should find the captain. I cannot find the captain. I have run around that city talking to everyone and i cannot find him. Is he not in the city?

Edit: i am Blind, i found the captain

  1. These icons appear when I use fatting skill, is the first one wrong?

  2. Does that mean I have to start a new game? Cause even on new saves this keep happening.
    A question: what do I need to give these guys to let me pass? As I ack them, one of them need a Frostbite Ciber (if I remember right) and the other wants to take a nap on Shirou,s ass.

seem to be the intended effect, there’s no fat version of sprites so far it just seems to be a staff that gives a good def debuff to a target with sometimes good damage, the poison looking icon I don’t know, I never noticed any extra DOTs, I just took it as the icon to show the enemy is now “fatter”

for the guard go get him a chilled cider from the fancy inn, while you’re there get a bunch of meaty platters, I found I needed 6 in my inventory

I know that there are no fat sprites (and probably they will never be), my problem is that description of the skill seems different from the actual effect.

That helped, thanks. Thought I was needed only 4 at summary. Besides, they didnt disappear after I give them.

nice if you got it to work with just 4, I needed more for it to register

maybe the script flag is backwards, 3 to start it and 1 more to end it for a total of 4 instead of 1 to start and 3 to end it

For me it was 1 to start and 3 to finish

Now that I have the captain’s letter, what should I do? Now I don’t know what I should do And also, how can I get more slime core for the rimuru mission?

  1. Fatiffy state adds slownes and the other state you see is atk debuff
  2. Give the guard fristbute cider, you can buy it from the inn on azuenna east

Slime cores you get from defeating slimes…now that you have the caltains letter find the sewers to enter! Hint its somewhere there in azuenna west

fuck yeah. Anal vore im guessing?

All ill tell is that he’ll grow biiiigg

Genuinely really fun, already 7 hours into my run, but, one thing, if Syrexis literally has their dick out 24/7, why can’t there be nude versions of the other heroes? There’s even descriptions for when they get to a certain size that they rip out of their clothes, but nothing actually happens.

Ill be brutally honest here, didnt release the characters pixel walking stuff of other characters because i couldnt for the life of me draw boobs or cock pixel art🤣 decided ill try to make them i the next update. ALSO! Glad youre enjoying the game and hope youll continuue to do so~

Erm… Well, that is good too, but I think TSUNAMI talked about heroes 3D pictures, like during the battle, not while moving on location. While Syrexis have her dick uncoverd, others have clothes on their intimate places, even when even in the text it is written that they tear clothes because of their size, although there is not the slightest tear on them.

…kindly ignore the dumb dumb moment that didnt happen at all. But yea so ill be brtually honest, i did the models art and the text for the expansion part lil too late and since i was nearing the release date and didnt have time to change it so just kept it. BUUUUTTT YEA! Will be changed or even made optional for the nudity scenes and battlers in the upcoming update

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