The Arcanophage - Spellcasting Class for 5th Edition

There are those that fall into the river of magic and drown in the waves of the unknowable.

But you drank down the entire thing, didn’t you?

Express your hunger for all things arcane with the magic eating spellcaster, The Arcanophage! Heal your allies and curse your enemies, fall upon your foes with elemental might, and horde every inch of size with three distinct “Gift” subclasses! Includes a new official STEM- Managorge, the body’s way of handling excess magic and energy.

Includes a .pdf file with pages full of unique inline art crafted by our beautiful team of both paid and volunteer artists!

Find your place in the aetherial sea.

Available now for $5 at Arcanophage, a Playable Class for 5E by Devteam Drifter