The B.L.I.M.P. Grant - Sci-fi Fattasy Text Adventure

Hello one and all, I bid you greetings and good tidings as i announce the revamping of my previous project: Blobgistics, now it has a way more fun and unique name (that isnt Project: THIZZERTHAT)

What is B.L.I.M.P. you may ask? Well it stands for the Belligerent Lardening of an Industrial Megacorporation Progeny, which is just a funny way of saying making a rich girl fat

The synopsis is much the same as before, the old mechanics that are not axed will be a bit more polished and colorful whilst the new ones should make the experience far less “spam click through days until new fat text” as is the shortcoming of similar games following this formula

I dont wish to sell you the moon with this announcement but I do wish to at the very least make mention of my ideas for what to expect, in the meanwhile this will be a new spot for Blobgistics until the overhaul is complete, link below to the original game [LINK EXPUNGED]

As of 7/13/24 this is the new place to acquire the link for The BLIMP Grant, which is right there! Below this text! Yeah! Just underneath it right here!

You went too far, go back up it’s RIGHT THERE, SERIOUSLY JUST RIGHT THERE! Up! Up you damned fool!


Oh sweet looking forwards to any updates on this.

well, you may be pleased to know that i am adding an info tab on the main Lab Screen to explain what everything does, just in the off case someone is confused how a mechanic works, here is a sneak peek:


This was one of my favorites as one of the few to really have the ambition to broach hyper-immobile territory and I very much look forward to hearing more!

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The link below functions both as a place to get the game and to also read the changes provided in the initial release, it is little more than “Blobgistics with a coat of paint on it” but should provide a decent foundation for future releases


I was playing around with this today, and I like what there is so far. The descriptions seem a little larger than her weight off the scale, with things like her being described as enormous past the point of a hippo when she was a mere 400 pounds, but otherwise was pretty solid.

Quick question: I see in the toggles that there’s a selector for PC gain, but there’s a note at the top saying “Toggles not Implemented.” However, I can select enabled. Given I just finished a game, I wasn’t planning to start another one right away, however I am curious as to whether these work or not.

Also, where is the Secrets menu? Found a code, but I have no place to enter it.

I am a little overdramatic in my descriptions, I may definitely touch them up

At this time no the toggles do not have content, this update was more of a foundation for future releases

The secrets menu can be found on the title page, it is hidden

otherwise though i am very glad you have been enjoying the game

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