The Beached Whale Seaside Resort idea

Last night, I had this dream where there was this weight gain-themed seaside resort named The Beached Whale. Since this was a dream, there were two different ways to gain weight at the resort, specifically during one’s stay: The slowest was through junk foods, and the fastest was through specialized milkshakes. The milkshakes, like IRL, came in a variety of flavors, and were normally hypoallergenic. Some milkshakes would also simulate other expansions when consumed, such as one that would make you float and have a high-pitched voice and one that would turn your skin blue, as well as some that would give you a different body shape than you’re used to. The milkshakes’ weight gain sizes would range from chubby to immobile blob. There would also be an area where, no matter your weight, you could enjoy swimming with others in a swimming pool that would support four immobile blobs (the beach itself would be off limits due to animals like sharks and jellyfish, though). Lastly, if one were to want to return to normal and leave after consuming a milkshake, there would be the option of an antidote (the only side effect, which would be temporary, would be mild brain freeze compared to the weight gain milkshakes). The resort would’ve had three different areas, with the recommended area (all three areas take up one-third of the building and surrounding area outside the entrance/exit) being just for weight gain alone.


i like this, i really like this

I usually don’t reply to other’s topics but i like the idea and I’d go to the resort for those milkshakes and I’d drink 50 and if I were offered the antidote I’d right up say no but ask for a man to sit on my buried cock

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Love the idea.

What do you envision the gameplay being like? What would the player have to work at to reach the sizes they want?

It wasn’t a game. It was only a dream I had.

I wish I had dreams like those all I dream about are new custom Mario 64 places in the castle and occasionally a mall that gets expanded on

This could make for an interesting plot. I don’t know if y’all have played a game called “VA-11 Hall-A” but you essentially are a bartender and listen to peoples stories while you make their requested drinks. It’d be cool if you had something like that. You work at the beach side milkshake bar and beach goers come up and request a drink, you make it and learn more about them while seeing them grow over time. Honestly should be pretty simple to do in something like renpy as well. Anyways, awesome prompt/idea!

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I approve of such dreams, you’re in luck. I would like to dream of such a dream.

i dreamed of among us weight gain where it ended with the imposter killing 2 entire crews and a blue being a simp