The currently unnamed stuffing rpg

No worries! They haven’t been extremely popular, though their adult games collection used to be fairly diverse. Just not as large or well known as Itch. Totally understandable!

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I’m relaunching the game now that it has a new title and stuff. And also no one ever checks currated projects.
New thread Gumia's Unbelted Terror


it took me a moment to realize the title’s first letters spell; gut, noice.


Anybody know all of the attunments statues locations? I’m having trouble finding it.
Edit: It would be great with pictures and also I hope someone will be here

Does anyone know the max stats on the Characters?

999 for everything but hp and mana

Grimimic would you post both the game and DLC of Gumia’s Unbelted Terror on It would make it easier to find and download all I get is the DLC file.