The Curse of the Lipomancer: Top Tier Fantasy Interactive



Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond to this. As the creator of the interactive, I’m still not sure where I’d like to take the story. I must say though I’m thankful for the kind words and appreciation from you and others, and I’m glad that there are still people who enjoy the story so much.

Unfortunately, the problems I have with it still persist and don’t really have easy solutions. One of the bigger ones has been shown pretty clearly within this topic itself, the restrictions on interactives having limited who can view the story and any new updates posted. There aren’t many alternative sites I’ve found to be suitable, and moving everything over would be a pretty huge endeavor, so it’s not something I can see being fixed anytime soon.

All of that said, I don’t know if I’ll be giving up on the story as completely as I first intended, but it’s still something that I’ll have to set aside for now, at least when it comes to serious focus on getting anything finished. If there’s still interest, hopefully I could set aside times to write a chapter here or there as Yui has mentioned. The problem there is I constantly worry this sort of drip-feed is kind of frustrating for anybody hopeful for any of these storylines concluded or even just further developed.

It’s funny you bring that up, since it’s one of the things that inspired CotL, at the least when it came to me wanting to use a choose your own adventure format. Most of it’s not weight gain/fat fetish as you pointed out and it can go in some silly directions, but I still remember this one being my favorite bit. :sweat_smile:


Yeah the branches after “From Prey to Predator” had some good sections. In the same game, check out the stories after “you see trouble brewing” (if I’m remembering correctly, at work atm) for some other decent weight gain bits.


Sorry for the double-post but now I’m home I can respond thoroughly. First, thank you. Thanks for putting yourself out there with your writing and producing some excellent, creative stories. Even if they weren’t fetish related I’d enjoy reading your works. It’s one thing to come up with some good ideas and maybe knock out some descriptions but it’s another entirely to sit down and commit to writing it all down, churning through all the half-thoughts and what-ifs to make something intelligible and enjoyable. Much respect to you.

Second, I’m sorry about how it turned out for your game. It’s frustrating and I can’t offer you any solutions or advice but to avoid dwelling on the negativity. Maybe you’ll get it moved over somehow, maybe you’ll just save your favorite parts and start again, maybe Writing,com will get a clue. I don’t know, but I hope you don’t let it keep you down.

Eh, I’m starting to sound like a melodramatic kiss-ass now so I’ll stop with that. :sweat_smile: Third, I’d say you’re in good company with your preference for that scene on transformationlist. I recall that a similar event was one of the first scenarios put into Noone’s game. The TL games are very silly and the quality varies greatly, but that has its own sort of appeal. It’s a pretty cool coincidence you were inspired by it. Though I suppose the fatfur community isn’t exactly the largest (that’s the macros); it seems we’re all drawing from the same well. Thinking back, I’m wondering if you or anyone else on this site also frequented the now defunct InflatioNation?

Lastly, I’m looking forward to whatever you come up with, game, story, art, etc. But I have to say I’d love to see more of Remus (and more and more of, yeah).


Thank you so much for that respect. I assure you it is much appreciated, despite my frustrations sometimes. Whether the situation with the site itself improves or not, I hope to at least one day formulate the chapters I’ve personally written into a series of standalone stories. That way, if continuing the interactive is still viable I could just insert such stories into it, but if not I’ll still have a way to put the ideas I have down on paper. Funny enough, the story with Remus is the one I intend to finish first whenever I get around to it, since it’s one of the earlier ones chronologically.

As for Inflation Nation, I was never a member unfortunately. The first I’d heard of it actually was when I saw it brought up on a TV program called Attack of the Show IIRC, which was needless to say pretty surreal. I think the site was pretty inactive by that time though.

Ahh yeah, I remember those as well! This part with a pudgy wolf lady also stood out to me too.


It’s perfectly fine, honestly appreciate you did respond. It’s not ever a requirement to speak to some random lad on the internet! But hey, you deserve all the kind words given, seeing your talent and the fact that you seem to be pretty cool overall.

Yeah, moving it would be tedious and be incredibly difficult, but there might be some solutions. Like Fervus said, you could take your favorite parts and move them. Though years of additions would suddenly vanish, it is a possibility. But if you would want to undergo the long process, there are some people on here who might be willing to help.
You could probably get some help and make a little game out of it if you really wanted to, but that would take the most work and time.

You should only do what you truly enjoy doing. If you don’t feel any inspiration or need to write a chapter for an online fetish story, then you probably shouldn’t worry about other people getting upset. Personally, seeing the little mail notification pop up saying you added to CotL was a lot more exciting than irritating. I always enjoyed your works when they released. Either way, you shouldn’t let others weigh down your creative spark.


Honestly, because I’m your typical straight dude, that interactive isn’t my cup of tea, but it’s always to have that there for others!


And I appreciate the interest and the topic, very much so! It’s always great to know that there are those out there enjoying work that others and I put into the story.

As for moving it over, if I do it, It’d probably be a solo endeavor rather than a concerted effort. The same for a game if I ever get around to making something like that. I always feel guilty asking that sort of thing from other people, haha.

And I’m very happy to know that you enjoy the updates, even when they are sparse. It’ll probably take a while, and may just never get done, but one day I hope to do something cool with all of this and the ideas I’ve had for it.


Sorry for the double post and not really a big deal, but I came across an archive of stories some awesome person made. Some of the loading times can be slow, but it’s better than having to refresh for a crapshoot chance every time you click something if you aren’t a paid member on the site.

Not the best way to navigate it, but maybe someone can find it useful.


Thank you for this, honestly the pay-for-access thing really got in the way of me enjoying lots of stories on that site, getting invested in a plot thread only to be cut off for like 5-10 minutes.

Made it harder to write for the story too due to frustration and stuff.

Also happy to see you’re still around.:smiley:


For those of us whose have now read most everything they could or wanted to, this snapshot thing sadly does not have more recent additions, but for newcomers, this is excellent for anyone wanting to read!

And slower sites is infinitely better than having little to no access at all


Thank you! Glad to see you are as well! :smile:

Ah, I didn’t realize that it was only a small portion of what was there, could have sworn that there was more when I first checked out the links. :thinking: I’ll have to figure out some other way to host it then I’m thinking. It might not be that great for people wanting to add chapters, unless I can figure out how to do that.


Yeah, I noticed that it was a web time capsule type thing and realized it was a few months behind! Another thing about it is that some of the sites features didn’t work in it either, like the outline I believe, which is a very useful feature.

I will be happy the day you or someone else innovates an interactive story site for fetishes or something, if possible. Until then, I don’t really know of any alternate sites, and you could have people send chapters they wanted to add to you, but something tells me that would be a bit of a pain