The cursed Scale

so this idea was based of a horror story I watched a bit about last night. at it’s core its a scale that takes a person’s weight and gives them cash for it. but it has no safeties and saves a person so they don’t have to be the one to trigger the scale. so as you can expect the main character’s asshole boyfriend drained them of all their body mass to pay of a debt.
of course the Game concept is a different. the same scale idea but its been stashed in a church for a few thousand years (post rebirth of a end of the world) so its been changed during that time. gives less money but know has a few safeties. one can’ take a unhealthy weight limit. aka will not be going underweight. only the “target” can trigger the effect. and people won’t notice the lost weight. in the vein it won’t be considered weird not they see the person as just as fat as normal

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Oh yeah, saw the video on Youtube. Not the first time I’ve seen odd objects requiring a payment of sort. There’s even a movie about a terrible teapot that influences people to commit harm, whether it is emotional or physical, and not bias to where ever the harm comes from, to generate funds to who ever is holding it. However as the pot is used more often the funds grow smaller and smaller, inducing a bit of an obsession with it to ensure there is always money.
I look at this idea a bit more… friendly though like how you took it. For instance it would pay say a grand if you are at a healthy weight, but when you take the money you instantly gain 30 pounds. If you step on the scale again with the added poundage you get less money, and every time you go for the grand the amount of weight gain increases slightly (or certain habits will be thrust onto you). In a way people would try to lose their weight fast enough to keep making money. however if you are too aggressive or ambitious the weight may very easily overwhelm to where you will lack the motivation to lose it or it’ll prove impossible.

a good idea but going to opposite weight direction. my game idea was the person is some who used to have a good life but a string of bad event led to them losing it all. but their old life left them a bit overweight using the scale they found on a slavage run for something they could sell they found the scale used lost their overweight form and gained money. so its a mix of trying to gain weight to get cash from the scale and then using that cash to try and devolp either more weight for another pay out or other means to make money