The Dollhouse: TwinTails Demo (Work in Progress/

Hello. I’ve been working on a freeware project since August 2021. The Dollhouse is a “playable teaser” for a much larger project that will appear later down the road. Think of this game as a prequel of some sort. It’s an action horror game where the characters are all BBWs.

You control a party of two main characters and explore the vastness of the titular Dollhouse. The gameplay loop is a cross between a Survival Horror and a Metroidvania with a focus on atmosphere, combat, and exploration. You have 25 minutes per session to explore before you must hurry back to the save point.

The game’s story takes place within a world I created called The TwinTails Mythos. The formula for the game’s horror elements follows the “slow burn” variety and focuses on tension and build-up. The combat will be focused on providing punishing but fair challenges.

I’m opening this thread to spread awareness of the project and provide links to my game dev account on Twitter. I regularly post updates there and I’ll use this thread to garner feedback. When the game enters the beta stage, I’ll look here for testers.



Color me interested, to say the least.


i’m really looking forward for this one

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Whoa hold up, this is actually looking really good already. I must spread the word!

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