"The Dorm" twine game I made.

I’m a long time lurker and I decided to try my hand at making a very short twine game. It’s as finished as I want it to be and it’s more of a “dip my toe into the water” kinda deal. Might make more or something else entirely later. Also game is about a female pc who finds herself in the possession of magic pastries and you decide to use them on her or her roommate.

Feedback is appreciated and welcome.


Welcome! You’ve got the right category, you can upload it to itch and send a link to the page, or use a different file hosting service (mega, mediafire, google drive, although everyone seems to prefer itch).


Alright thanks. I just put it on mediafire. I’ll edit the post to have the link now. If you give it a go let me know what you think. I think it’s pretty rough but I thought I’d post it anyway.


Wow! The faces stay so consistent. Did you get the AI to generate them like that somehow? Or did you use a faceswap extension like roop to ensure the ai had to use a consistent face no matter what?


For a test run, more or less, this wasn’t too bad. The only thing I’d like to have changed would be complexity and volume of the story, but that can hardly be done without actually comitting to it more. So, good job :smiley: You’re doing good and I’d be happy to see this (or a new project) with more content

PS: I noticed some inconsistencies in how you describe how characters look in the text. For example, the roommate is said to wear a pajama at first, then sports wear in the next scene. It would add to the quality if you paid more attention to this kind of stuff


Thanks for giving it a go! Yeah character and story consistency are something I really would like to hammer home and absolutely need to work on. I’ve had an idea for a longer form project but I think I wanna swap to Ren’py for that and the learning curve seems kinda steep so it probably wouldn’t be for a long while. Also thanks for the feedback!

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It was honestly just a lot of luck, being specific, and just multiple generations and cherry picking lol.

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That was great to play thanks for sharing it


Great little game! I liked how it got right to the point and didn’t get too wordy, it was short and sweet and it felt like the game knew that about itself. Looking forward to if you plan on extending it or making something else!


i tried to download it but it says there a virus

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That’s weird. I haven’t had any issues with mediafire before and I can assure you the game is safe. I’m also not a very tech savvy person, so I’m not 100% on a workaround but maybe if you temporarily turn off your antivirus you can bypass it? Sorry I’m not much help on this front…but maybe you can ask in a discussion thread for help if going around your antivirus doesn’t work out? Sorry again bruv