The Euphoria Candy Factory Tour

This is an idea I got from watching one of another game maker’s coding streams and a commenter mentioned a Victoria’s Secret selling chocolates, which I’m going to use as an excuse to finally learn Ren’py. I have no skill or proper equipment when it comes to the visual arts, but I can probably commission some static images depending on how far I’m able to go with this. Disclaimer: I’m thinking of letting the player do some really dark stuff in this game, with gory deaths and all.

The Euphoria Candy Factory Tour

Story: After receiving a special offer inside a box of luxurious chocolates, you have been chosen to participate in a rare factory tour of the Euphoria Candy and Chocolate Company at their central location in Cardiff, Wales, led by it’s eccentric CEO Ivanka Williams. The company itself is mostly known for their risque advertisements targeting women, focusing on the product’s use as a potent aphrodisiac. At the end of the factory tour, one of the six participants will be chosen based on their behavior during the tour to receive the grand prize: A lifetime supply of all Euphoria products. Throughout the tour, you as the main character can attempt to tip the odds in your favor by befriending and/or sabotaging the other contestants consisting of single, lonely young women (ie the sort of people who would spend most of their time eating Euphoria chocolates).

Gameplay: Basically an erotic Dating Sim/Visual Novel using the Ren’Py engine with elements of weight gain, various forms of inflation, transformation and plausibly deniable murder. Your choices throughout the tour can result in the other participants in either becoming deformed and incapacitated, falling in love with you, falling in love with you after becoming deformed or dying gruesomely. And because of the copious amounts of unhealthy food available, all the participants can be encouraged to gain weight throughout the tour.

The Main Character - Age ?? - Shown only in black silhouette, the PC’s name, pronouns, equipment and personality are all dependent on their choices throughout the game. Can be anything from a friendly, polyamorous friend to all beings to a sadistic serial killer.

Ivanka Williams - Age 42 - The charismatic proprietor and CEO of Euphoria Candy and Chocolates. Depending on your behavior during the tour, her personality alternates between a Stepford Customer Service Official (Neutral), an excitable scientist (Positive) and a stern authority figure (Negative). She is a tall, curvy woman with long black hair with a white streak and dresses formally with a flashy purple and pink business suit. Fates: Tied up and force fed in a Violent Worker Uprising, Beheaded in a Violent Worker Uprising, Exploding

A Go-Eun-Goo - Age 28 - The first winner of the factory tour from Seoul, South Korea, Go-Eun is a shy and anxious office temp who stress eats constantly and is very self conscious and sensitive about her weight after a lifetime of teasing and bullying. She has black frizzy hair, freckles and glasses with a very plump figure and went to the factory in her office clothes. Fates: Chocolate Inflation, Drowned in a Chocolate River, Stuckage, Exploding.

Victoria Bellevue - Age 21 - The second winner of the factory tour from Paris, France, Victoria is a friendly and outgoing track star with a competitive streak who is a big fan of Euphoria brand energy bars and gum products. She has blonde hair in pigtails with a strong, athletic body and wears a tracksuit at all times. Fates: Blueberry Inflation, Crushed by a Machine, Exploding.

Carly Potts - Age 23 - The third winner of the factory tour from Cardiff, Wales, Carly is a tired and overworked gig worker currently balancing multiple jobs and a college scholarship with taking care of all four of her sick grandparents. She has a messy head of light brown hair with a short and skinny build and dresses like a Dickensian street urchin. Fates: Gas Inflation, Popped like a Balloon, Decapitated by a Ceiling Fan.

Elvira Peppers - Age 25 - The fourth winner of the factory tour from London, England, Elvira is the spoiled heiress to a wealthy shipping magnate with aspirations of becoming a music star. She has her dark hair done up in a bun and wears a ridiculously expensive white jacket and pantsuit. Fates: Turned into a Sentient Slime Monster, Cooked in an Oven, Cannibalized

Mikela Tavin - Age 27 - The fifth winner of the factory tour from Vancouver, British Columbia, Mikela is a popular youtube personality who makes money on movie and game reviews and loves to geek out about various Anime and other TV Shows while recording her experience in the factory on her phone. She’s black with braided hair and went on the tour in just a T-Shirt and sweatpants with blue flip flops. Fates: Shrunk, Food Inflation, Vored, Exploding

The Chocogoblins - Various Ages - The secret workers of the Euphoria Candy and Chocolate Factory, each chocogoblin is a short, agender humanoid, with pointed ears and come in a variety of skin colors such as Black, Brown, Pure White and Orange and all kinds of different hair colors, although some may just be dye jobs. They are hidden throughout the tour and if you find enough of them and teach them about human rights you can start a worker’s revolution in the factory.

Stats: The choices the player makes during to tour can increase their ability to make more positive or negative choices
STR - Strength: A high Strength score allows the player to lift heavy objects or people
SPD - Speed: A high Speed score allows the player to move quickly
CHA - Charm: A high Charm score makes it easier to convince people to do something they wouldn’t normally do
INT - Intelligence: A high Intelligence score lets the player recall small details and use complex equipment
WGT - Weight: The lone negative score, a high weight will reduce your speed and may make you immobile, can be counteracted by a high Strength score.


The gory deaths are going to be a major stopping point for many.
It seems mildly interesting, but seeing some of the fates be ‘decapitated by ceiling fan’, ‘drowning’, etc. is a major vibe killer.

I’m all for games on this forum being more game and less interactive fetish explorer, and being more serious, but there is a line between being serious and having outright gore.

Side note: Why can’t the main character be transformed or force fed?


I get that it’s not in everyone’s taste, but from what I’ve seen online there is a market out there for death smut. I’m definitely going to put in the option for the player to walk away or avoid there gaze before the dying happens as well as a way to opt out of triggering stuff entirely.

In answer to your second question, all the things that can happen to the other characters would also be able happen to the player during a bad ending, (i.e. the Player can fall into chocolate river, or eat/drink/chew whatever item would kill the other characters.) I just thought it would be redundant to list all of them twice.

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I won’t lie. The tone immediately turns me away. I’m not even sure how this site feels both as a community and as far as rules go with straight guro kind of content, even written. Also, I would be very careful with something as simple as saying age ??? on protagonist. You MUST specify they’re 18 or older. Also, kind of bizarre to have a minor focus on… teaching socialist theory to non-human humanoids to stage a rebellion, knowing that some of the most questionable endings are a result of this. It also feels a bit… off? Like there’s a really bizarre, out of left field, and somewhat biased political message to giving socialist theory to downtrodden inhuman workers, and as a result they… violently kill unrelated customers?


I completely understand if you find this type of story distasteful. I did base this idea on a racist old man’s fantasies of killing children who annoy him. If there is a rule against gore and popping on this site, I haven’t found it. I just assumed since it is a staple of most inflation fetishes it would be allowed. Of course, whether or not this is something this community is okay with is another matter entirely.

To be clear, if I were to make this all the characters would be 21+. It’s just whether the PC is 22 or 100 would be left up to the players imagination.

In regards to the rebellion, it’s just something I found really weird about how the original story has the title character for all intents and purposes kidnap and enslave creatures from their homeland to work in a factory and everyone just seems okay with it, even though the only side of the story we hear about this is from the actual enslaver.


It admittedly has potential though I reccomend like in say ziul walls Vn add a waring that will state what is ahead or like in a few others a toggle between gruesome deaths to a more regular mode that though it still happens there isn’t any death

that’s all this hound has to say besides look at the works of other to see what works and what doesn’t
to each their own though admittedly death is very much not my cup of tea, especially as of late


I’m not gonna tell you how to make your game, but if I were you I would ease up on the gore


This seems really fun! I haven’t seen many if any fetish games that actually go this serious with the tones, so I’m excited to be able to play it someday!

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I like the fetish idea but I’m not really a big fan of the Gore and death.

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NGL, even if you didn’t lose me at “Beheaded in violent worker uprising” you would’ve lost me at “decapitated by a ceiling fan” especially since it’s such a violent end to arguably the most sympathetic character in the roster.


My honest thought is, if it doesn’t break any of weight gamings rules, you should feel free to make the game however you like. Most of the content rules of course are aimed at banning loli/shota content, of course other extremely sensative matters are likely in poor taste too. Given that Willy Wonka style gorey stories are at least somewhat common I wouldn’t worry too much personally. I guess, just don’t make it obscenely graphic (difficult anyway, even with artwork imo).

Also just to note — I would be interested in playing it :smiley:


A few things to make it clear to everyone replying.

There are no rules against gore/death on this site, and as such we will not tolerate people trying to edge the content out because they find it unpleasant. Our suggestion is to ignore content that you don’t like but does not break the rules.

Further, there are no rules against political content in the game. However, discussing that political content on here will get you a warning or even a ban. We do not tolerate political discussions on this site, and we give a lot less leeway on it than other rules.

I will not be as lenient on this in further replies, just to be clear.


Well, this blew up overnight. I’m gonna try to work backwards on all these comments.

I’m apologize. I am a usually little confused by “no politics” rules on websites because it can be incredibly vague and unclear what that particular rulemaker means by “politics”. I usually interpret it as meaning no hateful speech towards a specific group or advertising for a particular politician or political party. Depending on the severity, one can argue that just discussing kinks on a website is a political act and games themselves are inherently political by virtue of being works of art. I personally thought Biggirlfan7 made a completely valid criticism of my idea and was glad to hear their thoughts on the matter. But I guess I did use a politically charged term in regards to the worker rebellion and for that I do truly apologize. My intentions were to just put all the disclaimers out there nice and early so people who aren’t interested in this sort of thing can easily avoid it if they want to.

Thanks to Shatteraura and WasteofHope for their kind comments. I certainly hope to make this game more fun than serious. The tone I’m trying to go for is B Movie Horror Schlock with gratuitous sex and violence for the sake of gratuitous sex and violence.

There will definitely be warnings plastered all over this business and I am planning on options to opt out of gore, violence and sex events. I don’t quite know how to make this a feature in the options menu, but in story, instead of a long contract with unreadable fine print to sign, the player will be asked to fill out a form which will determine what their story preferences will be.

I certainly don’t expect everyone to like this game if I plan on making it. Heck, I don’t think I expect anyone to like this game if I’m perfectly honest about my abilities. That’s why I appreciate everyone’s comments and suggestions.


To be sure, I wasn’t referring to your posts, which are fine. As I’ve said, political commentary/content in a given game is fine, and you were explaining your position in your response. I was explaining, more so, that discussion of the political content outside of this context on the forums is disallowed. We will warn people if they’re out of line via private messages and DMs, this was more heading off this discussion as other users were bringing it up.

And to be more clear, while the term “political” is vague, and it is somewhat up to the individual administration/moderator to determine if there’s been a violation, our general definition would fall in line of “something a news anchor/pundit might be discussing or something there might be charged emotions about.” At the end of the day, we don’t want people fighting over political stuff on here, and because that definition has gotten so broad these days and people are so hairtriggered over it, we have to cast a wide net, and unfortunately have to crack down hard on it to keep it from getting started here.

Sorry for the confusion.


I mean, I may know one.

Really? :o I don’t think I’ve seen any games like that, personally!

It’s a little bit of self-promotion, but our RPG takes a more serious, less jokey tone.

Right! I mean moreso the content featured than general tone of the game, but I’ll keep that in mind if I ever decide to check yours out!

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I recommend putting examples of how the rule applies, and explanations of the spirit of the rule where it is written.

This will avoid people trying to game the system, and generally make the rule easier to understand.

Said ‘death smut’ is usually related to the fetish in someway.
I’m into inflation, but I don’t like popping. However a friend described it to me once as being the ‘climax’ of inflation, in a way seeing it as the equivalent of having an orgasm in sex. Even then the death in this case is just an extension of the fetish.
Same applies with vore (though I can’t speak personally for that one) and Morbid Obesity stuff, it all ties back into the fetish at hand.

Most of the really problematic deaths have nothing to do with inflation or WG, it’s just deaths for the sake of dying, and if the game is trying to be more serious, offering these things as ‘death smut’ undermines it completely.

While death is at times associated with certain fetishes, it’s not the main draw. No one is going to come to a game to watch a character get killed in a violent worker uprising unless the tone of the game is like that from the VERY beginning and even then such violent deaths that lack all sense of eroticism is just a distraction and pulls away from what the game is about, ESPICALLY if it’s trying to be an erotic Dating Sim VN like you said.

The idea of a Wonka themed game is a classic one, I think everyone can appreciate a Wonka tour. And while I’m not going to tell you to stop working on this game or that what you’re doing is wrong or anything like that, I’m definitely going to suggest that you either tone down or cut out the gore aspects.