The Fat Camp - A Joseph Earnwile V story


As some of you guys may know on here, I have a bit of a streak of game development going on. In my spare time (besides making Church of Lust and working two jobs) my brain decided it was time to learn another programming and development tool set. My art will still be AI generated to some degree, but this time around I am having a lot of fun designing maps, buttons and logos for everything in the game.

This game will take its time to finish up, and I have no plan for a final release at all. For now there will be little demos showing progress and what I have managed to make the game do. These will be released sporadically, whenever I have some bigger things to show off.

If you want to follow the development you can do so here: The Fat Camp - A Joseph Earnwile V Story by WeirdoBeardo89

Discord? Patreon? Ko-Fi? If you want any of my other links, check here: @weirdobeardo89 | Linktree


Oh, and for those who want to have a more direct link to the newest little update, here you are: A small update on progress and some images. - The Fat Camp - A Joseph Earnwile V story by WeirdoBeardo89

Happy new year everybody!
-WeirdoBeardo89 out!

Honestly I think you’re going to find Renpy to be a huge improvement for game creation. Looking forward to seeing how you use it!


@moonslashx Thank you my dude.

Trying to figure out some sort of inventory system and getting to grip with flags and dialogue options, but it seems a very reliable and simple tool for creation. So far I am enjoying it.

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A new small build is up, more proof of concept type things, but there are some things I am rather proud of :slight_smile:


Inventory in Renpy can be a bit of a mess, most games I’ve seen tend to avoid it or stick with a permanent item situation. You may want to instead look towards having fattening activities reduce a variable.

For example a reduction in money, energy, food, etc. Which can separate your gameplay into the “work” portion of increasing your variables, and the “spending” portion of using those variables to fatten people or complete objectives.

I’ve noticed your current games have a middle “buying” which is a bit more necessary in quest than it is in something like Renpy.

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A small update of today’s work on this game. Character side images are coming along.


A bit more experimentation, but it is bearing some fruit. I am thinking of going the point and click route for this game. Read the devlog and try the little snippet for more :slightly_smiling_face:

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Another new demo thing. Getting to grips with scripting events and getting items to work. Think I have found a way around a few hurdles. Also: some new writing, and new images.

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Also people of internet-land: can you reccomend good image hosting sites? I want to make galleries of images from my already released games so people can find them again if they ever want to :slight_smile:

any chance for an option to turn off the player character pictures, or a way to import ones of your own or something?

Not really considered it until now, as this is Joseph’s story. It may be possible to make something like that happen, but I will make no promises.

You might want to do this, you might not… but…

if you do

call screen SCREENNAME

instead of the normal show screen SCREENNAME

And then that screen contains the line

    modal True

You can totally nullify the normal script gameflow of renpy.

Why do I mention this? Well it seems like you are a fan of custom overlays and custom maps and such that use custom imagebuttons for navigation… But when a player clicks randomly on the screen it advances the normal renpy gameflow along the script… which causes things to happen…

You’ll also of course have to take this new gameflow into account when setting up the actions on your imagebuttons… but uh… I’m fairly confident this is what you wanted the game to do.

Does this tip make any sense? I might be explaining it poorly.

Right now it makes some sense, give me a few hours to read up on things and I bet you it will make a lot more sense :slight_smile:

A new little update. A bit of horizontal development going on with this one, but that’s ok sometimes. Check the devlog for more.

Android people, maybe time to rejoice? I have tried making an apk. Good luck my willing test subjects.

Should you be able to sleep on the couch? If so i think there is a missing button

For now that isn’t implemented yet. Sorry :slight_smile: AS mentioned many times before, this is very very early on builds. I release them more to keep myself motivated, and to let people see all the small things I figure out along the way.

Oh ok looking forward to this. And thanks for uploading a android version its the only way i can play your games (joiplay did not work)

It is my first draft. In the next one I think I can get the side-images to actually work the way they should. That would make the game a lot more enjoyable :slight_smile: