The Fat Tournament

Made for the 2021 Gain Jam.
I hope I’m doing this right.

The Fat Tournament v1.5

Theme was hands-off, so decided on a management sim. Well, based on how I understood the criteria.
Either way, was fun to make and draw the characters.

You control the PC who will guide their team to victory. Train them, stuff them, maybe just tell them to relax?
In one week, you head off to the tournament grounds where you will face enemy teams in battle.
Will you have guided your team enough? Will they be able to win?


hi um… there’s this glitch where laura gets stuck on the screen permanently is there a way to fix that?


The idea of the tournament at the end is really cool! Reminds me a lot of Dragon Quest Monster’s tournaments. But Belch should probably be removed, or at least lowered in priority. That one move makes the fights take way too long. Both because every fighter is spamming a zero damage move, and because when someone does decide to actually use a damaging move its been reduced to almost nothing.

Also, pounce / lunge being weaker than a normal attack feels wrong.


I’ll second the feedback that Belch needs to come out way less frequently than it does right now; when both teams are constantly using it on each other even when they’ve both already got double atk debuffs, the fight just drags out for no reason.

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Enjoyed my playthrough, ran into a bug on the second day where the sprite for the girl in the second room from the left would stay in front of her mirror. Keep up the good work!

Hmm, can you tell me when that happens?
Chances are I missed an Erase Picture somewhere.

Yeah the auto-battle AI is shit to be honest. I’ll tweak some of the numbers to make it not so often.

I’ll have that fixed :smiley: Glad you enjoyed it!

I think I fixed the picture issue, but I cannot seem to find the sprite issue. Which sprite was it in particular?
(Pink haired girl, blue haired or blonde haired?)
From what I saw, all of it should turn off at the end of each day.

Either way, v1.1 is live with some small fixes.

One thing about the upgrade store is when you talk to the storekeeper to ask about upgrades, it won’t let you leave the dialogue until you buy an upgrade. Also if you say no to buying an upgrade, all the upgrades you’ve already purchased suddenly become available again. As far as I can tell rebuying upgrades doesn’t actually do anything.

Digging through the JSON files, it looks like you use plugin commands to remove the choices from the options which don’t get activated again when you loop back to the start of the convo because the label it jumps to is placed after the plugin commands. Now, to fix the reappearing choices would simply require moving the label in front of the plugin commands, but I’d actually recommend just leaving the “no” options blank so the player can exit the dialogue without being forced to buy something.

On another note: I only did a basic Ctrl-F through the JSON files while looking through the code, but as far as I can tell, buying the improved beds doesn’t appear to actually do anything.

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Ah that’s my mistake. I made that sequence very late at night, so I most likely missed a bunch of things :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I must have forgotten to turn it on, better beds is meant to give a passive buff that increases your stats slightly.

One more glitch I found, when the girls gain weight, they still keep the status debuffs from being thin, just with the fat buffs added. I don’t know if this was intended (It doesn’t appear to be since being average doesn’t appear to give a bonus at all.) but it looks like whenever the girls change from thin to average to chubby to fat, the previous state isn’t removed.

From what I saw of it so far it looked fairly promising. A crunchy management game like this is no small order! A shame that I got hit with the aforementioned sprite bug that pretty much torpedoed my game.

Also, explicitly commanding the girls to eat doesn’t seem to mesh well with the theme in my opinion since it’s a fairly hands-on approach to their weight gain.

Yeah, I had that dilemma too. I spent around 4 hours trying to think of other ways, but couldn’t quite get something that worked nicely.

It’s not quite hands off, but it was fun to make regardless :smiley:

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This is certainly an excellent concept, and I hope it can be developed further, after the contest’s over.

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In the grander scheme of things, it’s ultimately what counts!

I hope you continue development of this game after the gamejam ends. It would be a fun team manager game that could be stretched out for quite a bit longer.


I honestly wonder why it was unlisted in the first place and suddenly brought back?


Few of the pictures I made originally bared a lot of resemblance to other ones, so I needed to remove them and re-draw.
Drawing people is hard :stuck_out_tongue:

one issue I’ve noticed is the “How to work” book isn’t removed from the store when you buy it
also, one thing I’m slightly disappointed about is the girls don’t end up as big/bigger than the Finalist team, but good none-the-less