The Feastlands(A Discord Weight Gain RP group inspired by Lovecraft, Betrayal at House on the Hill and (kinda) EDND)

For as long as Austeria housed creatures capable of sentient thought, the cave known colloquially as “The Fat Trap” existed due to the overly delicious smells that waft out of the insides, unlike any cave known to the world at large, or “The Feastlands” to its residents, as they know the origins of such smells. The Fat Trap used to send out horrific creatures made from overly decadent and addictively delicious foods to attack the countryside and fatten and blob entire villages, moving and rolling the entire town back into the Fat Trap, and those people were never seen again, might as well be dead to the people of the outside world. The only reason we even knew of The Fat Trap’s culpability in the disappearance of entire villages is due to a curious band of thieves following the creatures to the cave and barely getting away without succumbing to the temptations themselves. As civilization developed away from such a place, however, The Fat Trap would constantly spew the creatures till it found a village’s worth of people to blob and bring back, making it an inconvenience at best for Lords and Mayors, and at worst a cataclysmic, society destroying event for all who the caves residents found, after all, they were quite fond of taking in a bonus. But every time they got their quota, the creatures would begin trying to head back and if they succeeded, an attack wouldn’t happen for a year. After this discovery was made, a system was formed to sacrifice willing volunteers, inconvenient bastards, or prisoners of all stripes(political, minor, major, etc.) yearly to both ensure stability within their own realms and ensure The Fat Trap would no longer attack the now bustling Castle towns and Cities of Austeria.

It is a point of controversy within areas that allow such debate as to how many should be sent to The Fat Trap to appease it, with most areas beginning to agree on even monthly tithes to The Fat Trap to both prevent an attack and to “Handle Dissent” without the need of prisons, some radicals even demanding daily sacrifices. Where you fall on such an issue is not a concern anymore, as you are on the bad end of this deal, whether through willing self-sacrifice or from pressure/force from a royal family or institution, you are now a tithe to The Fat Trap and you shall soon be spending the rest of your walking and non-walking days within what you will soon call, THE FEASTLANDS

Hey all, I’ve been a member of this community for a bit and finally wanted this idea that has been bouncing around in my head to be put into action, so here it is, The Feastlands.

While this will be more of an RP centric game rather then dnd, it will have dnd-esque mechanics taken inspired by Betrayal. And also this is the type of rp where you don’t ask if you get immobilized, but when. So a fair warning to those who don’t like blobs.

Feel free, to join if you enjoy your characters in those delicious bad ends ala Roundbound, G.U.T etc. (Also, wasn’t sure if this counted as tabletop so why I don’t have it tagged as such)


For those curious, what is Betrayal?

Here’s the wikipedia in case I mess up describing it:

Basically it’s a horror board game where you and a group are exploring a haunted house until one of you turns out to be a traitor and so you then have to either beat the traitor as the group or beat the group as the traitor.

The main inspiration in my rp is the stats system, with each one corresponding to certain skill checks I.E might to lift stuff, knowledge to pull lore, etc. (Like the picture)