The Feedee Next Door


I’m happy to share with you a demo to my game The Feedee Next Door!

It’s a visual novel-style game made in the Godot engine. It centers around 2 people who live in the same apartment building and find out through a series of odd events that they are both into the same fetish (feeding/stuffing/weight gain/burping). As the game progresses there are more settings and ways of stuffing her and as the feeding continues and her weight increases so does their feelings toward one another and eventually things start to get a little more serious. The game will be a part of an episodic series with new plot points, locations, ways of feeding, and new characters entering as the story progresses.

The current release of the game is just a demo. It’s a portion of the first episode just to gauge interest to keep me motivated to keep working on it.

“As the story progresses”, should probably come with an asterisk. Each update to this game will act sort of an episode to the game. BUT the frequency of those updates is dependent on how much of my own time and money I have to work on it. Much of the story for chapter 1 is already written and some of it is programmed. and I really want to continue it. However, I’m not an artist and the artist I freelanced to make the art doesn’t work for free and I would love to stop working on paying jobs and work on this instead… but the people I pay to keep me housed and keep my lights on wouldn’t like that so much. So I made a Patreon for the game. I know it’s early in the game’s development to be asking for money. But if you do decide to subscribe I thank you. You will help this project move along faster and make it easier to put out consistent updates. But if you don’t want to do that I understand. No pressure. Not trying to be greedy. Just trying to keep my lights on.

Here’s a link to the where you can find the public releases of the game.
The Feedee Next Door Download

He’s the Patreon. Check it out if you’d like to support the game.
BlackBarGames Patreon


this sounds pretty interesting, the link to the itch io page doesn’t seem to be working though, and going to your profile also doesn’t show the game for me?

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There was an issue with the file i’d uploaded. Mind trying it again?

please make a version for mac :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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I just played the demo.
The project looks interesting and promising.
I’ll be waiting for updates.

Some issues:

  1. As for me, it’s a little strange when a girl talks about her ex and past relationships at the first meeting/date. And it’s even stranger to keep this topic alive. Perhaps, somehow it would be better to play it differently and get to the topic of fetish.
  2. In general, the events of the demo are a bit confusing and too fast.
  3. After completing the demo, the thank you screen doesn’t have an exit button, so you have to close the game with Alt-+F4. Well, or maybe it was just me who didn’t find it.
  4. During events in the roommate’s room, a donut sprite is enabled in the upper left corner. It seems to be a bug.

Despite everything, I liked the demo.
I hope the development continues to go well.

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I enjoyed the demo, looking forward to see more of this! Will you post updates about this game here?
Also a bug I noticed in the main menu, spamming ‘New Game’ makes you time travel so to say, the game does not work after. I also managed to crash the game using ‘Win + D’.

The project seems particularly interesting given that there are currently very few fetish-themed games with a focus on plot and characters.

I would like to play more projects with a coherent story and a well-written romantic line.


Thank you for pointing out the “time travel bug” I hadn’t considered someone doing that and it’s an easy fix so thank you.
I’m not sure if you mean game updates or development updates.
Game development updates will be for patreon subscribers. Like new features, artwork, and projected release dates.
As for the game updates they will be released on here and on But they will release early for patreon subscribers
Thank you for your input : )

Thank you for your input. That is pretty much exactly what the idea behind this project was. I wanted it to be more of a “show” that people wait for the next episode for.
I’ll take your critiques on the story into account. I did edit the script to make it a bit shorter because I was worried people would get tired of reading long dialog and I may have overcorrected. It’s not too late to rewrite it so I’ll look at it a little more carefully.


Get Wine from Homebrew/MacPorts. macOS - WineHQ Wiki

Wine is software that adds a compatibility layer to run other Windows software under Linux/*nix/MacOS

Thank you for your response.

I think that if you’re going to focus on the plot and characters, you need to write everything out in as much detail as possible.

There is another issue with this story.
Mary seems too slim for a former feedee.

Perhaps it would be better to make her first encounter with the fetish when she entered the protagonist’s room? After that, she will constantly think about this situation, and then she will start looking for content about the fetish out of curiosity, and then she will want to try it herself.

This can take an additional few story days, during which you can reveal a little more about the characters and the story, and at the same time show how the woman learns about her fetishes.


Enjoyed what was there, will look forward to seeing more :slight_smile:


I’ll work on a mac version for when the first episode drops.

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Honestly, this was a great demo! Love the writing. I do think the date could stand to be longer, give the characters more time to bounce off each other without cutting straight to the feeding.

Request: A way to adjust the font size. I want those big letters! Also fullscreen mode.


The full version, if it’s longer, which I imagine it will be, needs either a save game function or a fast forward function for sure to avoid having to play it all in one sitting.

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