The Future of my game development

I make those mistakes all the time and I tend to fix them in later updates make words in my games much more sense

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A curiosity but planning on including any other types of expansion with a horror twist?
This hounds intrigued since I do remember a couple of other wg horror games

Also I have made my decision everything is now going to be moved if you want to access the free package go to my deviantart and if you want to access all the paid packages then go ahead and support me on my patreon but do keep in mind whichever one you choose you’re not the only supporter and you won’t be the only supporter on both platforms so don’t expect nothing but weight gain games yes there will be lots of weight gain games but that won’t be the only thing that gets made I want to create games for everybody’s interests even for people that just want to play a normal game so don’t get angry if I release a game that you’re not interested in because I will never stop developing weight gain games but it won’t be the only genre of games developed and whether you decide to play other games or not that’s up to you I can’t make you play anything all I can do is ask for your support because I am a really good developer on all interests so everybody’s decisions counts not just one person and definitely not just one website not trying to start anything just warning you before you go ahead and go to deviantart or patreon and support me further anyways I will leave links to my DeviantArt and my Patreon here fyi my patreon has finished being reviewed yet so until it’s finished reviewing you can only support me via DeviantArt for now

Here’s the link to my deviantart

And here’s the link to my patreon