The Future of my game development

Trust me it gets better

All right question and don’t think of this as just weight gaming I would gladly place this poll somewhere else but it never works out that way considering nobody actually answers to my poll no matter where I put it for some reason remember puppet combo if you don’t know who puppet combo is what are you missing out on also don’t worry these type of games will not be posted here considering they don’t belong here they’ll be posted like other places the deviantart and stuff I mean I might create some weight gain versions here but I’m not for sure yet so again don’t think wg for now now to be honest this is where I want the future of my game development to be and I believe dark master n can actually help me more on that since he’s a big fan of Horror so here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to set a poll whether or not you want to see some moderate length retro styled VHS found footage horror games every game is not going to be short at all it won’t even be close to short but it will be a normal game length and I might expand and make newer games really big and long and if this goes well I might upload some WG versions here on weight gaming I might still develop them but it’s your choice how you want it done so here’s the poll

  • I Only Want To See Non Weight Gain Puppet Combo Inspired Horror Games
  • I Want To See Both WG And Non WG Puppet Combo Inspired Horror Games
  • I’m Okay With WG Versions But I Really Want To See Non WG Puppet Combo Inspired Horror Games
  • I Want To Support You And Play Every Single Puppet Combo Inspired Horror Games Whether They Have Weight Gain Elements Or Not

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I apologize beforehand for what I’m about to say,
but your first order of business before developing anything should be learning about the wonders of punctuation, seeing as I believe most game engines require that and my brain got fried from reading your wall of text.


I get that a lot don’t worry I’ll try harder is this better lol

Your desire to improve is admirable.
Here, maybe this guide will help you?
Your grammar is actually fairly good otherwise, you just need to improve in this manner to really make it good, ya know?

thanks i will definitely view it when I get the chance

Can you show some kind of evidence you’re actually going to make anything before doing all these faux- press releases? All I’ve seen you do is make promises about projects and what existing games they’ll be similar to. I’ve yet to seen a single piece of content from you demonstrating any actual motivation to do the actual work involved in game development. Anyone can sit and make promises for the short term gratification, but that doesn’t result in finished games.


Already done that check my other topics I’ve already given proof some stuff I can’t talk about because some of my games content Ideas belong to other people and it is not to be discussed at the moment

For example I promised you that game from dark master n a burger child game I published the first build before it already I’m working on a really big update but I need to figure out what I need to do can’t just spoil everything

Also I can tell you this about the burger child game dark master n doesn’t want me to release too much updates because we haven’t even figured out any art yet or any aspects or mechanics or anything yet that build is only to test things out to see if things go smooth for you to see if we like where we’re going

Plus this idea hasn’t been fleshed out yet I don’t know if this is where I want to go by creating VHS found a footage of horror games it isn’t a decision yet let’s first wait to see how the poll goes

If it goes great I’ll go for this path for all my past horror games and my upcoming ones if it doesn’t then I guess we’ll change plans but also if we’re able to do this you won’t be stuck on only vhs mode there will be other modes too just like puppet combo games also some games will be less RPG stylish and more 2Dsh kind of 3D models or something like that you know what I mean

And for my horror games that can’t become a found footage horror game will not be abandoned but still be developed and how it was originally

Also I haven’t decided yet but I might bring all of my projects over to deviantart and bring all of my super early access builds and freshly brand new projects that literally just got started all on my patreon but if I bring everything to my DeviantArt don’t worry every upload will be the same as my patreon the only difference is patreon is the only way to get everything super early from me also through patreon you’ll be able to access all my abandoned projects and projects that have been on hold for a while and still will be on hold

I am writting this comment since there is no poll option where I am telling that I am not interested in the game if there is no weight gain content.


Hey ColdsteelJ I really enjoyed your fallout 4 mods I downloaded them and they work really good for me thanks for those by the way I didn’t know you would be showing up here like I described before there will be everything depends on what the poll is also everything that’s not WG related will go on DeviantArt like I described before I want to try to bring all of my projects to deviantart and patreon instead like I said big fan of your mods nice to see you here

Thanks for the honesty everyone’s opinions counts

Woah. Haven’t played the game yet, but even reading your comments here without a single dot in them is a little irritating. I mean: getting the commas right may be difficult sometimes, but don’t you even take a breath while talking? Try reading your text loud and it should be quiet obvious where to put points.

I know I’m trying how’s grammar this important does it have to be this perfect still trying my best here do keep in mind I’m using my phone’s microphone to say everything so my stupid phone likes to recorrect me alot but some of the stuff I type in is my fault but a lot of it isn’t I know I rely too much on my phone’s microphone

Ah, ok. Yeah, voice recognition is still not perfect nowadays. No problem in chat, but in some text to be published like in a game - some proofreading and correction would be sensible.