The Game Show (intro)

Hi there, you may know me from such games as Queen sized, Queen sized and the great Queen sized. But today I’m here to bring you a new game that I’m working on: The Games Show, what is it about? Go play the intro to find out, minor updates will be released on the Queen Sized discord server:Queen sized and other stuff server

Game here:The Game Show by aweridothatdoesgames? (sorry I don’t know why you can’t play it in the browser)


Not much game so far, but I like what’s there!

Two things to note, the blue text is very difficult to read; if its possible to change it to a lighter tone it would be much easier.

Second is that the text scrolling is cool and makes things feel like a conversation, but was way to slow for me, it felt like everyone was speaking in slow motion. This is a cool effect but I’m not sure how well it will work for people with different reading speeds.

I enjoyed your previous game, so I’m looking forward to where this one goes!


Please speed the text output or just print it out without delays. So slow.


Yeah, I gotta concur. The text speed needs to be drastically increased, or else this is unplayable. Imagine having to wait thirty seconds to read this reply.


Not to sound like an grump, but no thank you.
Nobody should have to download a game just to find out what it’s about, what it looks like or how it plays. Also you need to add tags to your page on Itch, and maybe a screenshot or two.
At least we can kinda infer what the game’s about based on the WGaming thread’s tags, but nah.


the text scroll is genuinely one of the most aggravaing things I’ve ever experienced.

Other than that, this demo needs a good spell checking; plenty of “your” when it should be “you’re” and I saw at least one missing possessive apostraphe.

Other than that, there’s not enough demo to this demo. There’s no actual gameplay, or mechanical interactions. I’d almost say this was an engine test rather than a demo, something you make to check that the engine is working before you make the demo.

you can just skip the text scroll by pressing spacebar lads


That was sadistic my guy


very fair point I will speed it up

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fair point, when there is a actual game to play I will probably tell people what the game is rather than making them download it.