The Game--Twine WG Story--Small Update

I’ve been very busy with work this last month, and November is only going to get even busier. Yet, for some reason, I decided to start playing with the Twine engine instead of focusing on Sarah Goes to College (which I am still planning for December updates on).

This sort of project appeals to me as a non-programer because it allows me to tell a non-linear story with random elements. I enjoy learning to make it work for me, but only as a medium to tell what I hope is an engaging tale. Programming is fun, but writing is my passion.

I hope you enjoy it. This is the game in its entirety. And I even made it in time for Halloween, with a few minutes to spare. The download link is available below.

Edit: Note that a small error made me tae a second look at one of the endings. In my rush to finish, I negelected one of the pathways, more or less just hitting copy/paste and letting it go. That has been corrected now. I’m sure there are a few spelling errors or formatting issues here and there, and maybe I’ll correct them someday. But this should be 100% functional, telling the story I wanted to tell.


This is really good honestly! I’ve just run into one slight bug. I don’t know how badly this is affecting anything, but I felt it was worth mentioning. (Spoilered just in case)

Is there any way to win on all tosses?

There is. I discovered it while testing. While the temptation is to use the built-in back button, that will actually rerun the previous scene entirely, meaning you might get a different result. So, if you don’t like the way a toss went, hit Reload (or F5) until you get what you want.

To answer the inevitable question, there are seven different endings, which you can achieve based on a combination of choice and random luck. Within each ending is a range of possible outcomes, but those don’t really affect the gameplay. It just changes what prose you get to read.


Thanks. I didn’t think it was a big issue at first, but then realized it was. Nothing game breaking, but it left certain variables unattainable as well as ruining the immersion. It’s been corrected, and a new version has been put up.

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This was an absolute gem, a good kink story and just a good story period with a nice macabre twist. Fits the season perfectly. :slight_smile: