The Gluttony Dimension (CANCELLED)

Here it is, my debut twine game! It’s my first ever though, and it ISN’T FINISHED, so please give me any suggestions or bugs or whatever!
Food 'N Malice


One quick thing - it downloads without a clear file type, requiring the downloader to classify it as an html file before being able to open it.

Obviously haven’t played it much yet considering I just happened to check in right as you posted, haha.

Edit: Having tested it a bit, my other initial comment is that the text can be hard to read against the background. Given the different colors in the background it’d probably be hard to have a single text color/style work for all of it - perhaps a semitransparent box behind the text portion or something to make the color behind the text more uniform?


Thanks, it’s my first time uploading a file to so I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing, but I watched a few tutorials and it should be fixed soon.

As for the text being hard to read I’ll fix that in the next (hopefully last) update, and I though it was a bit hard to read to but honestly I was rushing at that point cuz I was getting a bit excited to finally upload it lol


html issue should be fixed now

This looks amazing. Cant wait to try it later.

In the first two pages, Leah is both “their” and “she”.

the planet you will be tranported to will share the same electromagnetic waves as ours


and her bidy practically forcing her to eat


She couldn’t! It would be WAY too tempting, they were so hungry already that they could hardly hold themselves off NOW, let alone later.

More grammatical gender confusion.
The sound for eating the caramel apples the first time you can has a mouse click at the end.

That was quite fun, great work so far

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How far does this go? I am bit sure if I am just running into an issue or if there just isn’t anything after the chocolate river is mentioned.

Amazing so far but could you do some art for the Charakter?

Waiting for more, much more of… Content, yes, content)))

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really great! love the bgs and stylization. world is compelling, hoping to see more of this story!

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