The Grand Adventure (WIP, Name is subject to change)

This post will be “regularly” updated whenever I release updates or sumn idk. Anyways, this paragraph was written a while after I wrote the middle ones, and I dont wanna type out most of this stuff so I’ma just leave it here. If you’ve read it before, go ahead and skip ahead.

Last night I played dj_sharp’s “Little adventure text quest game demo” and I fell in love with it. There was one problem though, it was too short. So, I took inspiration from it, and now I’m creating my own game. It will be much longer, and have four slightly different routes depending on what weight you chose in the beginning, and how much food you eat. So yes, there will be stuffing AND weight gain. In the beginning you choose your name, body type, and clothes. The name and body type are forever, but you’ll have multiple opportunities to change your clothes. If you stuff yourself enough in the thin/average, you’ll eventually gain enough weight to make it to chubby, but you can’t make it from chubby to fat. Partly because it’s less coding for me, and partly because I don’t like super big girls. There will be things like ripping/busting out of clothes, but you won’t be able to eat enough to pop. Once again, because popping isn’t something I’m in to. Anyways, the weights of the body types will be listed below.
Thin: 120 lbs
Average: 145 lbs
Chubby: 180 lbs
Fat: 300+ lbs (Use your imagination)
There will be perks, and drawbacks depending on what body type you choose, but if you work your way up from a skinnier body type, you keep the perks, but lose the disadvantages.

For instance: Thin girls are weak against the cold, while chubbier girls can survive in lower temperatures without freezing to death. Fat girls have low stamina, while average girls have the best stamina. Skinny girls can survive better in the heat, and fat girls are weak against it.

Demos will be released sometime within the next few weeks, please leave some feedback in the comments, or whatever. I don’t know how forums work.

So that last paragraph was a fucking lie. Anyways, updates on the game: I’ve completed the opening/starting area for one of the routes. Now, I already here you asking “Why did it take so long for you to make the opening to one route.” And to that I say, it didn’t. I put it together in one night. Now I admit that it is very sloppy, and needs improvement, but that will be fixed eventually. Now here’s the main problem: I’ve hit kind of a low point in life. I was hit by a sudden wave if depression out of nowhere, and lost all motivation to do anything in general. Now, I’m going to try and “make time” to make this game. And by make time I mean stop playing games and watching so much anime. Anyways, I promise there will be an actual demo within the next few months.


looking forward to it


I shall await eagerly.