The Growing Prince - Axxis' submission

I made this game originally for my best friends birthday and decided to enter this game jam at roughly the same time :slight_smile:

The game revolves around you playing the perspective of an assistant to a prince who likes to eat, as the story progresses so does the Princes waistline, This is The Growing Prince.

I hope you guys enjoy the story of this visual novel and it was fun writing it, unfortunately there’s no audio but I’ll work on fixing this in future projects :slight_smile:

Windows link: Dropbox - The Growing prince PC - Simplify your life

Mac link: Dropbox - The Growing Prince Mac - Simplify your life


does it have furry content?

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No, it does not. Only one character appears in the VN, a male human, the Prince.

Pretty awesome, but I can’t seem to open the file. Is there a trick to it that I’m missing?

are you on Mac or PC my dude?

Okay, any instructions on how to download and install the game?

man, its too hard to find good furry weight gain games, maybe you could make a remade version later on that lets you have the prince be a furry instead, or maybe be a princess

Okay? Not sure why you’re complaining about that here of all places.


@TotallyAMetrocop and everyone else wanting instructions

  1. Click link for your OS (this is for windows, I don’t have a mac)
  2. Click in the top right, Download, and select Direct download
  3. Once the download is finished, find the .zip file in your downloads folder and right click, select ‘extract all’
  4. Choose a suitable location to extract the files. Like making a new folder on your desktop.
  5. In ‘The Growing Prince PC’ folder run ‘The_Growing_Prince.exe’.

Note that some antivirus/malware software will stop the executable from running, in my case I had Windows Defender and AVG popup, so I had to tell them to run it anyway.

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Oh, so as it turns out I’m a complete doofus and was only downloading the exe file.

El derp

Either way I liked it, a fun cute story! :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you liked it dude, sorry there was no audio though.

fantastic game axxis! It’s really nice to see another visual novel to play, and I really loved the traditional art. I know you’ve said in the past that it’s not your strongest suit but I think the weight progression was done nicely and the whole thing had a really nice aesthetic to it, they all fit together real well! my only critique is that maybe you could have chosen a more handwritten font and textbox to match the rest of your game :laughing: it looks amazing though, great job on your first game!

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Is anyone else having trouble downloading the Mac version of this game? It keeps on saying the app is only 500 KB and corrupted.

it may be your ISP dude, I’ve had 2 people already have that issue

Very cute and pleasant tale! I’d have liked a few selectable options, even if it was just for flavour, but Ican;'t knock it as being a well done kinetic novel!

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It was made for my best friends’ birthday as well as the game jam.

He liked it so much that he commissioned a sequel :smile:


Grotlover2 Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 160
Writing: 245
Concept/Design 375
Msc: 30
Total: 20810


A fairly standard VN without much more than some art and a story. Not a bad concept being an assistance to a soon to be king but the lack of any choice or mechanics really hurt it. That art assets and how they where hand drawn actually don’t look to bad, but there is only a few with no changes to facial expressions. The game holds some promise though if the dev was to expand it out into a proper VN one day.

Kilif Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 140
Writing: 210
Concept/Design 650
Msc: 50
Total: 21050


While there is generally a decent amount of content here, both in terms of writing and assets, there’s very little of what I would actually call a game here. There are no choices to be made, just the single path. Visual novels really shine when you allow a player to role play within the context of the story. Allow their actions to change how the world and other characters respond and evolve alongside the unfolding story. Otherwise, this is just an animated book. I appreciate the almost fable-esque story telling, but I simply can’t give points in most of the categories as there’s nothing here to give points to.

Juxtaterrestrial Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 151
Writing: 202
Concept/Design 520
Msc: 35
Total: 20908


A nice little story from beginning to end. The hand drawn style was definitely an interesting aesthetic. Would be interesting to have branching paths/dialogue to further explore the prince’s relationship with the player from different directions. Keep on writing!

Total points: 62768