You awake in a mysterious town, in the wreckage of a car you don’t recognize, without a single soul in sight to help you. You begin to suspect you aren’t alone, as strange noises and shadowy figures stalk you through the night.

Explore the town, uncover its malevolent secrets, and try not to meet a cruel, humiliating fate.

Can you escape Hog Hill with your waistline intact? Or will you meet a bad end? It’s up to you to decide.

Length (Ch. 1): Around 10 minutes if you’re rushing through. Finding all the endings will probably double that.
Length (Ch. 2): Around 15-20 minutes, plus 3-5 minutes for bad endings.

General Content Warnings (May contain mild spoilers for future chapters, YMMV):

  • Dark Themes
  • Discussions & Depictions of Death
  • Blood
  • Loud Noises
  • Jump-Scares
  • Bad Endings
  • Dubious Consent
  • Sex of All Varieties/Genders
  • Stuffing
  • Expansion
  • Female/Male Weight Gain
  • Immobility
  • Health Issues
  • Humiliation
  • Bullying
  • Transformation (Anthro, animal, inanimate, TG)
  • Reality Shifting
  • Hypnosis
  • Body Swapping
  • Himbo/Bimbofication
  • IQ Loss
  • Slob (Including gas sfx)
  • Probably some other stuff I’m forgetting!

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Thank you for your interest, and don’t hesitate to let me know what you thought if you give it a try!




Oh boy, time to put off work and to this instead


Totally not just messaging to get updates - looking forward to it!


Played through the demo, good work on things. I don’t necessarily appreciate bad end hunts, especially with having dispersed save points, slow walking, trial-and-error gameplay, and getting sent to the title screen on death, but I do apprecite how much thought and effort went into this first outing. Good amount of potential here.

Heads up, though, Bad-End #3 doesn’t work. You didn’t give out the item to trigger it, only set the switch for it.

EDIT: Ignore me, it DOES work, I COMPLETELY missed another room and mixed up the triggers. You are good.


ok, imma be real with you, fam… this is the best fuckin weight gain related RPG Game ive played in a while, legit cant wait for more future updates X3

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Thank you for the kind words!

I don’t necessarily appreciate bad end hunts,

I know games centered around finding all the bad endings are controversial and frustrate a lot of people, but they’re usually my favorite part about fattywank games, so there’s definitely still gonna be an emphasis on that going forwards.

Later chapters are gonna be waaay more slow burn though, and there’ll be longer stretches of unbroken gameplay. I appreciate the constructive criticism! Maybe I’ll try to make the checkpoint system a bit more forgiving for future chapters to mitigate some of the trial/error frustrations.

Ignore me, it DOES work,

Phew, I was wondering what could’ve gone wrong lol


Wow, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it. I’m even more excited for where the story is going next, and can’t wait to show all of you!

Oooh, this shows promise. Looking at those content warnings, you have my immediate attention.


I’m among my people. Shit’s gonna get crazy in the upcoming chapters :smiling_imp:


Is there a scene with the unmarked VHS tape? You can pick it up from the plant but it doesn’t appear in your inventory and clicking the TV doesn’t trigger anything.

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Whoops, meant to remove that lol. There actually was another optional scene I was planning related to it, but I decided to cut it. You’re probably gonna see something very similar pop up in a future chapter, so I guess it’s just a tease for now!

After playing it a bunch and finding all of the endings, I’m definitely excited for what’s to come, especially some of those content warnings that have not been touched yet. Playing it reminds me of the fattening, but it’s got so much more to it, it’s got a foundation to be built on. I also really appreciate that with this bad end hunt, which I personally enjoy, that you give the option to back out before you’re stuck in the bad end. I really enjoyed the delay on ending two and I’m excited to see if there’s going to be anything else like that in that it doesn’t occur immediately. I gave your Twitter a follow to try and follow on development, but I wanted you to know that it’s not linked in the op, it is in your profile though.

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ok this said there 6 endings i gotten 5 and my smooth brain don’t know were to look for the last one.
the endings i gotten are pool,cow,mirror,teddy and captive. can someone point me to the right direction please.

It’s Nerd you are missing. The room you can find the VHS tape can be found in the bedroom to the left of the Mirror bedroom. Yes, there IS a door there. Yes, this fucked me up too, I legit had to go into the data of the game to even realize that.


thank you i would not have gotten that.

That game is a huge inspiration, to be compared to it is such a nice compliment! Ever since playing those games I’ve wanted to see more just like them, and I got tired of waiting so just decided to do it myself, lol.

Don’t wanna give too much away, but more stuff like that is definitely in the works. Bad End 02 is probably my favorite out of the six.

Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Updated!

got me tuned i love dark themed games

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Well this good and scary… I have to say the sound design is good I had to look over my shoulder a few times also the fact that your field of view is so low that adds to the horror very well because things will run past your view so darn this is A very good start to sometime fun.


Pretty good. I found all the endings without much difficulty and they were all entertaining in their own right, I’ve never been a fan of Nerd TF, but that was the best one in this game. That and Cow was plenty of fun, the bad ending hunt was pretty fun too! The trash can in the beginning was a bit too obscure imo, nothing else was that hard to figure out.
I love the tense atmosphere of the game, but some of the scares felt pretty cheap, the pool one was really just a loud noise going off. A bit disappointed there was no “Itchy tasty” reference, seemed so obvious to me!

Can I DM you sometime? I actually had a poll some months back about adding a slob mode to my own game, so I’d like to pick your brain about it.

I look forward to the future of your game! :+1:


Dunno why, but WINRAR keeps saying that some files are corrupted. And it seems that they had been corrupted on Mega itself, and now any copy i TRY to download will have the corrupted stuff. I am pretty sure that it could be that my pc crashed multiple times while Mega was working that it went wrong, but i’d be very interested in trying the game.