The Japanese WG Enthusiast

So, l am a first time game maker. I honestly never really made much content about WG beyond just some fanfics. But I always wanted to make a game.

I met this girl on discord and she’s a complete miracle worker. WG is her life and she’s a pretty good artist and programmer. And she said I could gush about her.

Basically, as long as the WG girl in question is East Asian, she basically did all the art, all the programming, half the writing and the music herself, for free!!! And I know she’s looking for more projects to be pitched to her so I figured I’d thank her by plugging her work.

I think she just wants more representation which, I dunno, it’s kinda cool that she helped me out so much

I can give you her discord if you need an amazing dev team member


does she have any socials where she shares her work?

Discord, DA and Twitter I believe

I might check her out. Whats her discord? (or socials really, for that matter)

Her big Twitter thing is @GBCommandoGaming

And her discord is Doodlebug#4207

I can’t seem to find this Twitter account. You sure this is her handle?

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Try this. I realised I got it wrong

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Did Cassie say this was okay dude?

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