The Kobold V1.0 Demo

Finally finished my personal game project (It’s going to receive updates but it wont any time soon)

You found an egg while exploring a cave and it seems that it has something inside. Your task is to take care of it for now

This is a small thing I have been working on, stuff might be implemented later…


- Petting

- Inflation

To be added/Next ideas:

- More interaction

- Sounds

- Ability to have an appearance for yourself

- Story in certain parts of the game


I think having some simple explanations on what to do might be nice.
I got it to hatch, but after that I clicked all over the place, and only got the lil kobold to inflate their stomach and look like they’re holding back a cartoonishly big burp.

It’s still in development, so the sequence isnt finished yet

also if you click the kobold before using the arrow you can pet it

Good to see ya working on more things. Kobolds are the best ̶s̶n̶a̶c̶k̶s̶.