The legend of Zelda Breath of the wild [weight gain mod]

I was in this community for a long time a and saw a lot of good mods and projects and i think somebody can make mod like that.
I its great idea because this game have so much potential for weight gain mod. Here a lot of food that you can cook/find and eat it to heal yourself and have nice buffs (like freeze resistance) but here is no debuff like weight gain. If you will be fat you will have less staminate less speed and more damage resistance. Also you can download other mod like Linkle to play female character. That’s will be something like Big fatties mod (made by ShyDispatch)


I have considered making fat Link and Linkle skins for the game but never really felt motivated to do it because I wasn’t a big fan of the game (I was hoping for more survival stuff). But after looking into what mods exist there are way more than I thought there would be.basically everything that a “fat adventurer” mod would need can probably be made (there is a survival mod with a hunger system and you can have custom animations for Link). it would be something I might want to work on depending on how hard it is to learn and how good documentation the BotW modders have (or if someone else would help with that)


That’s very interesting

I heard about you before you pretty cool and didnt expected you to respond. About your idea of hunger system its great! I will try to found some modding instructions if you need. I think if we can make this somehow!
I really wanna help you with what.
(sorry for mistakes and typo my language skill is not so good. Good luck you from Russia!)

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Unless someone manages to create scripting tools for BotW I see this being impossible, unfortunately. I think most mods for the game right now are just file swaps like different models, shaders, sounds, or stats. I don’t think anything would be able to change in real time.


Hmmmmm but we can change link statistics like speed stamina and other things like that and we can change model. We can make fat link model and replace it and make his speed/stamina low.
Thats all i know we can do now but i will try to find something more about it.

According to site Zelda mods (Help:Creating mods - ZeldaMods (Breath of the Wild))
We can change/make:

  • Textures
  • Models (can’t increase poly count on Switch)
  • Actor parameters, including enemies, weapons and armors
  • Adding new actors
  • Overworld and dungeon map files (collision editing only possible for Wii U shrines)
  • Text / dialogue
  • Event flows, and as a direct consequence: cutscenes, NPC interactions, quests and minigames
    Edit:forget to say we also can change animaton
    Edit 2:This is mostly outdated information and we can make mostly what we need

Here is dumb idea:We can make armour with custom stats like less stamina less speed and put on this armour fat link model


I’d like to see some fat Linkle period. art, game mod, or otherwise.