The life of an emperor

A concept pops up in my head.
In the context of history,Play the role of a different emperor. Going through a dynastic change.Women from the private sector were brought into the harem to raise them. Have experienced war, politics, culture, religion.As well as the prosperous times.What kind of candidate will you develop?


And will be presented in the form of a visual novel. In the process of playing the emperor, You can run a corrupt politics,You can also be diligent and thrifty. And resist the flames of war. And natural and man-made disasters. Including the aggression and internal turmoil of the empire. From the folk to find a woman into their own harem. To fatten them up. When a dynasty dies, They will be inherited by another emperor. You’re going to play a different emperor.Until the collapse of the feudal system.


Are you gonna make this game? This idea is pretty unique!

I believe this concept will be verified in the future. I’m collecting a lot of historical data now.,For the game of the future Route to do the planning. Of course, there are also many branches, including some of my personal ideas and creations.