The little detailed words for the fat guys (and girls, if you want)

You ever looking at some fetish art, and notice all the little words around the character, like “wobble”, “gurgle”, “jiggle” or, MY personal favorite, “flub”. These little words add a huge part towards the experience, yet we never pay them the attention they deserve! So, like on all of my topics, I want to hear your favorite detail word for fetishes, and if you want to, tell me why! other than that, have a swell day! ;D


I’m rather partial to things like glunk and slosh, though those are typically used more for inflation than weight gain.
Though, I’m a bit off in that the typical gurgles are less exciting than things like creaks, groans, and of course a loud blorsh. Though, I’d likely be in the minority for that sort of thing.


I am sensitive to good descriptions when I roleplay, often a good description of the fatness on just a chubby body is more effective than just an huge weight gain without description. it’s not only a question of vocabulary but also of context and figure of speech’s use.

I love the weight gain and every details serving as clue witnessing the progression, must be used in all case.

For example if my (in character’s) girlfriend (We will call her Chloe and mine Audrey) started slim she can describe the scene like that :
After open the door of the room and entering, Audrey notice Chloe, relaxing in her armchair, reading a book.
The pocket size book obviously not hide the recent changing on Chloe’s body. Her past flat tummy don’t look so flat anymore and a soft bulge seems to peek a boo under the the tight and rising shirt. Also the small growing roll of flab look touching her fuller thighs.
The distance between her plump hips/thighs and the side of the armchair reduced since the last time.

I can’t give a list of the full small words that can be used in this style of scene, but I advise to read some weight gain story, it’s a fuel of fat vocabulary, scenes and metaphor. :slight_smile:

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