The Long Awaited GM's Guide and Public Calculator (Announcement)

Thanks to my BF, I have finally managed to begin ground work on the public calculator that will allow Voracious to be run by people other than me. It’s in early stages right now, but hopefully progress while proceed smoothly. I’m going to keep working on smoothing out rules for it, and hopefully drum up a small GM’s guide for the 0.5 release. This will mean I will be posting up links for GMs to take the game and run it for their friends. However, I will be doing so under certainly conditions-
-Please give me feedback on rules you believe need to be changed (and why). This does not include your own personal tastes for gaining going faster, as the rules can be tweaked as you see fit if the steady gaining and stomach stretching is not to your tastes.
-If you have an idea for fun new additions, let me know! I’ll be happy to discus and perhaps even implement them into the core rules.
-Please do not post the rules link anywhere else. If I discover it has been posted elsewhere without my permission, I will likely remove the public link and reconsider releasing it publicly at all. The game is unfinished and I do not wish it to be spread around before it is. So please download only for your own use.
-I would enjoy hearing about what happened in the games, and how different players approached it, so if you would like to save logs, or even keep basic updates to the ‘gameplay sharing’ thread, please feel free to do so.

That said, the calculator is being created by my partner, who has a full time job, so do not expect it to be out in the immediate future, just letting you all know that it was finally in the works. Keep on nomming!

Oh wow! This would be really cool.