The Pirate's Fate is on Sale! (9/1-9/13)

If anyone has been looking at picking this game up its on sale right now on Humble Bundle. Its a fun VN with weight gain and a lot of transformations as well. So if that sounds fun to you I would check it out.


It’s on sale again now on Steam for anyone interested. 50-63% off (depending on which version you go for until Feb 3rd

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For real, its pretty good for its weight gain path, but if your also a fan of various furry transformations of already furry characters, its also good for those, spent a good bit of time going down the different paths and trying to get all the endings. It’s got a gallery for all of the ending CGs and VolkenFox and the crew are working on another game called State of Flux which looks to be more of that stuff in every aspect, last I read its getting way more content being worked on than The Pirates Fate has. If TF, WG, and personality shifts are your jam, you should get pirates fate and its dlc, and keep an eye and ear out for when SoF drops. Volken at the very least draws some delectable thicc furries.

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