The Pneumonist (4/15/2024 Updated to 2.0)

A Playable Class for 5th edition that uses the Applied Levels of Expansion toolkit. Easily convertible to other expansion systems, the Pneumonist focuses on debilitating enemies with expansion while buffing themselves and their allies.

$5 gets you a feature complete class, its subclasses, and plenty of in-book art.

EDIT 4/15/2024: Pneumonist has been updated to 2.0!

Please redownload and enjoy, or purchase today!


Pneumonist has been updated to 2.0!

Crack Open has been completely reworked!
Muscle Cartridges are now available!
Early level reworks of Facet Knight and Fumesillade!
Tweaks to Battle Brewer for more fun and distinct play!