The Pokemon WG Games are now Cancelled

Well, unfortunately, I have to leave the site, for two reasons. One, I am only 16. Two, even if I was an adult, I do not have access to the email account I made this account with, so I would not be able to use the new SSO system.

So yeah, this project is CANCELLED.

If you still wish to keep in touch with me, my FurAffinity is UnknownCleric2420 and my Telegram is @Joshua_Sentaro . I don’t use my Discord anymore due to other personal reasons. Also, if you would like to possibly take over the projects, feel free to message me on FA or Telegram as I only have about 1 hour left on the site.


well, i think we will waiting for you , 2 years.

wow, that is REALLY unfair to all of us who were eager for it

If you’re are disappointed that the project is cancelled, feel free to start your own with a similar theme.


Wait how do you not have access to your own account?

The point is moot, the user was underaged and banned.


But why would he show his really age if he knows he gonna get banned?

Some people just do that. He literally sent a message directly to us explaining that he could get the verification email bc his mom took his account access and that he was 16 years old.

Most of the time I think people forget this site is NSFW and 18+ only is allowed here.


This really sucks, you’re a pretty cool guy. Wish you best!!

I know the age for the and I didn’t forget about I just didn’t see how he couldn’t get access to his own account, but now I know and it sucks, but I hope he continues the games when he hits 18.

The projects dead damn it I was so looking forward to it guess I have to wait two years for it I waited 9 years for pikmin 3 2 years should be a piece of cake

Know you won’t see this but I hope things go well for you. From what grot said I hope you and your mom stay on good terms and the family continues to stay well.
If you decide to come back when you reach the legal age and want to continue your project, good luck on it! If you lost interest in your years prior, have a splendid time doing what you do!

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I agree with you and my hope he’s continues it

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so why ban him for 1000 years when you could just ban him for 2 years when he’s like
old enough

He’s welcome to come back when he is old enough.


then you might want to fix his ban I just looked at it and it said may 27 3019
thats one thousand years.


yeah that’s what i was saying

Well, almost two years right now…