the rpg events

okay so i have to ask is this going to have a battle systems where you can capture monstergirls or will you have to just buy them at some random shop?

There is a shop that has a randomized cow girl for sale each day, that has different stats according to the level of the player.
Of course, special cow girls and other types of monster girls are obtainable through other means.
There won’t be any combat in the game.

ah okay so you’ll gain girls through events, breeding, and shops okay i didn’t know if you were going full harvest moon or stardew valley.

Actually mind if i pass you an idea. what if there was a puzzle dungeon no combat but a temple or something that is effected by the seasons and they give you hints on how to gain rare monsters that give rare resources.

example if you solve a puzzles in summer you get hints to get a levaithan mermaid she’ll give you a rare type of fish or sea plant but she only gives it to you once a season this is more a reason to get them but their buffers like you waist too much trying to get a few cows to a good weight and run low on money or you can use them on the girls to effect a certain weight stats.

I like your idea. I already implemented a fishing minigame where you can catch fish that can be used to cook foods that increase different weight distribution stats or can be sold. The seasonal temple idea is very interesting, and I like the idea of having a mermaid (could be similar to the Kappa in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town, where he appears by throwing cucumbers in a lake). I’ll think of a way to implement them in the game!

your quite welcome I’m all to happy to give ideas.

just thought of a way the seasonal temples appear via ‘weather effects’ the fall temple is seen as a giant windmill and only is active when the winds are strong enough. (this is how it usually goes in games)
winter the lakes in the area freeze making it easy to walk across to the winter temple. (also maybe the reason you can’t swim across is because of some creature in the water or something)
spring I kinda think should involve more magic things like finding a fairy’s ring (actual thing a odd ring of mushrooms in the forest.) and in summer well that would be a path of rock appear near the beach leading to a far off temple.

these are only a few ideas i thought of if you want to use them moo go right ahead.

These are all really great ideas, I’ll keep them in mind!! ;D