The Sims 3 Vector mod add-on Gro Virus

Hello, I wanted to ask if anybody has the Gro virus add-on to the nraas vector mod for the Sims 3 availible. What this mod did was introduce a disease that would spread across the city, infecting and fattening every sim. After formatting my pc i lost my mods and wanted to redownload the Gro mod on loverslab. Unfortunately the link there is dead and I can’t find the mod anywhere. If anybody has the Gro Virus mod, I would be grateful!


Never heard of it, but it does sound cool. I always thought the fat sims in s3 were better than the ones in s4

Sounds interesting…

The mod is back up on LL, had to make an account to see it but it is there.

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Yes, after logging in I was able to download it. Thank you! :smile:

think you’re looking for a custom variant of Vector.

Can someone provide a link to this mod? I can’t for the life of me seem to find it on LL


You must first install The vector mod as it is The base, gro mod is The add-on