The Sims 4 Mod: WorldWide Modelling Agency

Credit to @TheSimFattener for their initial Weight Gain Career. It was a fairly huge inspiration for this mod.

As a model with the WorldWide Modelling Agency, it’s your calling to prove to the world that big really is beautiful and REALLY big is REALLY beautiful. Gaining weight is essential for progress, however as your career (and waistline) grows you will also have to develop social skills to bring people around to the Agency’s philosophy and remain healthy enough to be able to bring your bulk to the world!

This custom career is based on the aforementioned Weight Gain Career. Admittedly, it was a day’s worth of tinkering around and learning basic Sims 4 modding, and is pretty bare bones. As such, it’s hardly balanced. The bulk of the mod was originally designed in Neia’s Create-a-Career tool, before it was entirely scrapped and remade in Mod Constructor V5. Using a tutorial designed for V4. Ouch.


  • A ten-level career path, with promotion objectives focused on gaining weight
  • Open to Sims aged YA-Elder
  • Four day work week: Sun-Tue-Thu-Sat. Guaranteed to confuse the nearest bodybuilding forum
  • Needlessly expansive level descriptions and tooltips
  • Should be base game compatible, all rewards are in the base game, and I overcame the urge to incorporate Get Famous’s Fame mechanic into the objectives and rewards, though if there are no objections I might change this in the future


  • Add a splash image to the career selection, and maybe a custom icon
  • Figure out how to tweak Overmax at the final career stage, since further promotions only reward a 10 Simoleon raise; as well as Base Performance, Missed Day Penalties, and PTO Gain [Apparently an issue with MCv5]
  • Pray EA won’t update the game in a way that breaks this mod
  • Balance pay, objectives, rewards
  • Chance Cards, because apparently I enjoy suffering

Tiers and Promotion Requirements


All levels work Su-Tu-Th-Sa, initial 3 days PTO

New Model
11AM-3PM, §125/h
Gain Weight: 5
Eat Pizza: 2

Amateur Model
11AM-3PM, §250/h
Gain Weight: 10
Eat Pizza: 4

11AM-4PM, §375/h
Gain Weight: 20
Eat Pizza: 8

Experienced Model
11AM-4PM, §500/h
Gain Weight: 30
Eat Pizza: 16
Eat Cake: 4

Professional Model
10AM-4PM, §625/h
Gain Weight: 50
Charisma: Level 2
Eat Pizza: 16
Eat Cake: 8

Veteran Model
10AM-4PM, §750/h
Gain Weight: 70
Fitness: Level 1
Eat Pizza: 24
Eat Cake: 8

Famous Model
10AM-5PM, §875/h
Gain Weight: 90
Charisma: 6
Eat Pizza: 24
Eat Cake: 16

Big Beautiful Model
10AM-5PM, §1000/h
Gain Weight: 100
Fitness: Level 3
Eat Pizza: 32
Eat Cake: 16

Rotund Rolemodel
10AM-5PM, §1250/h
Maintain Weight: 100
Charisma: Level 10
Eat Pizza: 32
Eat Cake: 24

Super(Massive) Model
10AM-6PM, §1500/h
Maintain Weight: 100
Fitness: Level 5
Eat Pizza: 40
Eat Cake: 32

Installation Instructions
Download .ZIP file, and unpack into your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder. If you downloaded the file in the five minutes I noticed a problem with the file naming (The .ts4script file was named IllogicalOstrich_WorldWorldGainerModel instead of IllogicalOstrich_WorldWideGainerModel), rename the .ts4script file to match the .package or just redownload and delete the originals.

I’ll just put this out there for a few days for you all to enjoy. Have fun everyone!