The Sims 4 - Someone should replicate Kirax12's animations & poses

Kirax12 made these animations on Blender, but I doubt that he’s ever going to release them for The Sims, or he’ll do it BUT just on Patreon.

Maybe someone should do copy variations of these? I dunno.

You can check more animations and poses on his Twitter:

_You know if you keep eating like this your soft, plump, juicy belly is gonna get even bigger, right... (1)


Wow these are great, a lot better than other sims based stuff out there.

I would like to take the time, to remind you that you are someone.


Do it yourself instead, see how simple it is and why the artist chose blender and patreon

Anyone can make a big mod for belly stuffing and weight gain with animations it will be great.

That’s why I posted this…because I don’t…know…?


sure but your demanding and downputting tone towards the original creator just makes you sound incredibly entitle, in general it’s regarded as bad manners to ask for certain things to be made by others on these forums instead of making it yourself

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There are a lot of complexities that go into creating custom animations, not to mention all his custom animations hinge upon his own sliders. And to be fair, if he wants to make money off of his work he has the right too. I know a few things about modding the sims (emphasis on a few), and I think copying his work would be extremely difficult for the average joe anyways.


I don’t know if I got well what you meant with your first message, but actually he has already left a link to a download page with his poses/animations etc.

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