The spoopy future (well potential future)

A long ass time ago, I commented on a topic about fears with weight gain, and the fantasies that revolve around it. I put that I was afraid that some day, it may be illegal to be fat, like forced fitness, or you can only intake so many calories a day, that kind of thing. Personally, this, like everyone on here, would devastate me. However eventually, I would just get up, and I guess never jack off again, and probably pick up a sport, like bowling or something. Anywho, I wanted to know, that if this did happen, how would y’all handle it?

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I personally have already diversified in fetish mainly, what I personally enjoy about the weight gain fetish is the control over the fatty(Feeder for context), and this has made me diversify into hypnosis and bdsm. I probably wouldn’t be AS devastated as people where this is the only one they like. Basically, I would only lose a flavor of the domination I enjoy, rather than having to do a full reboot. I may be weird though.

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Besides aide in protest movements
Do what I always do when someone annoys me
Fill there days full of tiny annoyances that ruin there day while avoiding suspicion of purposely doing so

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that would mean Kirby would be gone forever as well I’d probably grow more and more distant from others and do excess forced fitness until I get stronger than the people who force the exercises on me and due to the constant loss of happiness I’d lose all my love for the world and want to destroy everything in my way because I’d have nothing to lose anymore the things I enjoy would be gone. But that’s probably never going to happen unless people stop voting entirely or a new corrupt rich person becomes president

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I’d certainly be distraught over it, but if your governing body is able to decide what body types you can and can’t have, not having access to a fetish is probably the least of your concerns.


1000-IQ move: assert medical excuse from any legislated weight-loss program since obesity is considered a disease


I have other fetishes I’ll never be able to live out that I can retreat into. What I’m interested in, though, is if the opposite will happen: that, as big food corporations get bigger and obesity becomes harder and harder to avoid, if selective pressures will actually incentivize people to adapt to inevitably higher weights so they can survive at higher levels of obesity attained earlier in life. (original story premise donut steel)

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I think it’s important to frame the context: We already live in a form of dystopia and by we, I talk of all people who love fat or are fat/want to be fat.
Fat people are already mocked, bullied, their career options are limited (hello showbiz industry), they are considered by default and without any clues, as unfit, neglected, lazy, ugly, unhealthy and maybe sometime suicidal.

Now I explained why I considered we already live in a dystopia I assume when you talk of something even worst. It would be like the hell on the earth, our hell.

I join you on this. A nightmare for me would be (disclaimer I change my point of view it’s a not me who talk but a character):

-Fat people are strongly repressed, become fat without ask the help of “slim-keeper” would be considered as an infringement. The consequences would be a strong fine and if recidivism the citizen would be forced deported in slimming camp, starving to death and exercise until he/she comes back to an acceptable body shape compatible with our ideal of fitness and beauty.
-People showing any interest to obese people are considered like mentally sick (the same as pedophilia). Parents and legal tutor if your daughter/dependent show any sign of this defiance, like show any interest of a fat body, trying to put cushion under their shirt, ask too much question about weight gain, please ask your local “slim-keeper” office, they will take the right decision for protect people you cherish.
Some solution already working as re-education, chemicals treatment or castration for repelling these amoral sexual impulses.
-Denunciation, please watch your neighborhood closely, helping them to stay slim and fit is the best things you can do for them, so if you have any evidence of gaining or fat attraction in your surrounding, please fill a report on the web site in the section stay slim and fit.
Keep in mind by hiding them, you doesn’t help them.
-Control, we summon regularly citizens for a check up, people are compelled to come to this appointment, not only the body shape is watched, but also mentally, we for example show pictures or tell story about fat or fattening people and check how the subject reacts to those stimulus.
Stay fit and healthy.

In a world like that our only chance would be to gather, hide, and isolate ourself, like the resistance during the WW2, maybe found a land of welcome somewhere else. :confused:


An island of fat people… Potential story right there.

Now then, I want to say, that I am glad that you all would be able to (relatively) move on, I doubt this would happen, but it’s like talking about the zombie apocalypse, it won’t happen, but it is interesting to discuss what you would do, should the situation arise. I also want to say, y’all had far better plans then me, all I thought of was to just get a hobby lol.

Anywho, thanks again for replying to this topic, and I hope you have a great day! (It’s morning for me rn)

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honestly? I am a fantasy man, real fat just does nothing for me, I’m actually more worried for real gainers and how much they suffer off camera from health and mental problems caused by gaining, so a “no real fat” ban would not do anything detrimental for me, I’d just go “oh no, anyways back to the drawings after I do my state mandated cardio”

(although if those stupid people start claiming fat drawings are making people fat I’d be annoyed, but that is more anger at dumb people then at a fat ban)


Eh, considering how people are behaving this might not be that far ahead. They have already bombarded commercials with weight loss gimmicks and the tabloids love to talk about a star porking up every now and again, shaming the idea of fat already.
All that is needed is for some “push” from the most extreme to garner attention to end obesity by any means. While now anyone can laugh at how it would just only suppose to mean diet and exercise, what if they took a step further since they can claim it is for the betterment of society.
And before you say it never has happened, look at Prohibition and how it was treated. When people got behind it they assumed it meant drinking beer or vodka, however those pushing for it were actually meaning removing ALL alcohol from society (this even meant certain foods that fermented only slightly would be classified as illegal, making many crops and goods illegal without anyone realizing it). People were rightfully angry at this betrayal and began to drink illegally, so guess what the government decided to do in order to combat it, they poisoned the public. The United States government, meant to serve the people, began to wage a war on them by lacing anything with alcohol with poisons to ensure the fear of consumption would stop people in their tracks, all the while handing down heavy punishments for those who made their own brew. Now of course it didn’t stop people from drinking as it only fueled the need of clean black marketed alcohol much more, assisting the Mafia into creating an empire.
Even attempts to repeal was difficult as many believed if given enough time it will work, only with the election of FDR was the amendment finally repealed. However Prohibition would not of started in the first place had it not been for a group of women trying to help their husbands behave, and it was their efforts in the beginning that allowed a new group of individuals to pick up where they stop and fulfill their ambitions.


Prohibition is actually part of why I think this scenario is so unlikely. Banning things tends to create an underground scene for them. Hell, that’s still happening with most drugs. On top of this, obesity (at least here in the colonies) is largely related to the state of the food industry, and any ban on obesity would hurt them because it would, by necessity, require people to spend less on certain products–and lobbying is really powerful, so the big food brands would likely come together to put a stop to such measures quickly.

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Will remind people that talking politics on the forums is a bannable offense. I won’t say anyone has crossed the line here, but some are skirting the line.

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One can argue that, but Prohibition came to be in part thanks to Anti-German sentiment as the beer industry was heavily German. People in America wanted to distance themselves from what the Germans had done during WW1, and one of the ways did was to throw support behind a movement to stop money flow to German beer industries (which might of had a hand in the Depression, since the beer industry was pretty big back then and all of those jobs became illegal overnight). All that is needed is for some event big enough to attract attention from all sides of the aisle.
Also while illegal drugs are able to hide underground, you can’t say the same about obesity since it is apparent no matter where you go. If we take Hyperion’s post as a model, then how can you have obesity exist if everyone is to following the guidelines. If you happen to have a softer middle, a thicker set of thighs compared to others, hell you can even argue doctors doing a body fat percentage to see if you are currently gaining. Like how the 1984 depicts, the government waits at the right moment to spring their trap to catch any that dare to be dissident, if people are noticing a group that seem to be fat friendly then they’ll wait until all have gathered in the right place. Even an island to try and stay safe at may provide to be a risky gambit as it would most likely be in international waters, isolated (no electrical signals) to prevent detection, and with little to no outside defenses to avoid drawing attention could mean ships can easily shell the small pile of dirt and sand in the middle of the ocean (unless you manage to get an island owned by another country then perhaps this can be avoided, but be ready for the possibility of betrayal or a surprise attack in case).
Food companies would be also be on a sort of hit list since they have everything to lose should something like this occurs. If the movement is smart enough they would go ahead and silence any politicians that dare to take “bribery” from fast food (now what I mean silenced is more getting them out of office or have them arrested on illegal activities, allowing their candidates to roll right on in), ensuring thy have unanimous support for the regulations.

The reason why Prohibition didn’t work in the first place is simply due to America being to large to enforce, so with crime and corruption on the rise it no longer made sense to keep it since it is only creating more problems. An obesity ban on the other hand… well just hope it never gets to that point.

What would I do? Hmm. Have you ever played Red Faction: Guerrilla?

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Didn’t that kill most of the population of mars right after Guerrilla because all the infrastructure was gone and there was no more earth side assistance to help them?

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The trouble is, for any movement like this to succeed, it must come from within the state, but (in the most rule-friendly terms I can think of to explain this, please don’t ban me daddy uwu) given the current state of political affairs, politicians won’t care until they’re directly affected or a large enough insurrection starts knocking on their door.

However, it’s going to be much harder to rile people up (or at least Americans) over obesity than it was with alcohol, especially when we’re the country known for its obesity crisis and our food corporations are generally American. So, you need either something that directly affects the lawmakers or something that’ll get enough people angry to the point of storming Capitol Hill over obesity, which America has already had a very hard time with.

And that’s the biggest problem: you need to get people to demand restrictions on themselves. Both instituting and maintaining such laws become a monumental feat because of this. Prohibition happened partly because, as you said, it could be politicized, but how does the state convince the American people that one of the cornerstones of our modern consumerist culture needs to be ousted? Especially with the effect that’ll have on the economy? It’s not out of the question that this might happen, but it probably requires a big change to our society before it does.

I’m not familiar enough with other countries’ politics or cultures to know how likely it is for them, but the growing global presence of fast food may make it harder for them as well.

(We could probably go into more detail into how such a scenario would or wouldn’t play out if not for the politics rule, and I hope I’m not too close to crossing the line as it is.)

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As much as this conversation is getting, uh, “interesting”, I’m gonna have to ask if we could stop the subject of how it could or couldn’t actually happen, and economy and stuff. You can still talk about what you would do, but let’s please lay off on the current discussion, I just don’t want a fight to start, or for someone to get banned is all!

And please, have a good day!

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Freedom is never given as a gift, only taken by those who dare