The Sultans Harem 🕌 - V0.4 on Patreon / V0.2 on itch for FREE

Looking forward to it!


I am really looking forward to the release of the 2nd version of this wonderful game


Second version is up guys on patreon, go support and enjoy


Hey guys,

just wanted to confirm that V0.2 was released yesterday evening on my Patreon!

Besides that, as promised, I also uploaded V0.1 on Itch for anyone to give it a try)

You can find it here: The Sultans Harem by LiveGoesOn

But that´s all for now,



What’s the changelog vs v0.1?

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Currently, V0.2 includes:

  • 100+ new renders

  • new character: Nina (3 stages)

  • 3000+ words for Nina’s arc

  • new weight stage for Eyana

  • renders for the “servants bring food” scenes

  • a small story introduction (the main events will come in V0.3)

  • a way to “rewatch” already experienced scenes (my take on the gallery feature)

  • an inventory system (you can store multiple of each bakery item and

    old ones won’t vanish as you buy new ones)

  • a reiteration to the council complete with sprites for the council members

  • music for the game

But there will be an additional patch (still V0.2) in the very close future implementing:

The already promised sex scenes:

  • 2000+ words

  • They´re fully rendered

Plus some additional content


Here’s a list of errors for v0.2. I didn’t find any exceptions, or crashes.

General thoughts of 0.2 and the game overall.

I like what is here. The game has a good concept. I however feel that the content I really want to see the scenes with all the girls are short, and often feels unfinished. The servants bring food scenes is a great example. Hey there’s renders and they change per stage very cool. But there is just basically a before and after render in most. And really just a couple sentences including narration for the scenes. That feels short and a bit underwhelming because of that in my opinion.

This doesn’t help that the girls can also have these “servants bring food” scenes with options that are not just paying the five gold. So the same short scene will play as weight stages move up. Which I think narratively makes sense but it’s the same scene, same renders, same dialogue with a bit of a different way of getting there.

It would be nice if these scenes had a few more renders, maybe a visible change in stuffed state before the “after” final render. Maybe some different angles or something to break up that stop like, jump cut of “before”, “after”, followed by a few more lines of dialogue, narration, etc.

Some of the girls’ weight transition events feel the same way, too short and cut off oddly (I assume some of this might be due to the content that will be patched in but I can’t imagine it all is.) It’s a shame cause the content with the harem sometimes has less dialogue then like the management aspects of the game.

The scenes with the new girl Nina are good. She and the Sultan have better dialogue and the Sultan doesn’t feel as well scared to say or do things as he is with the other girls. I don’t think her servant scenes are any different then the rest of the girls with the same issues but her weight transition scenes feel better in content. Her intro is also done nicely.

Eyana’s content is nice. I like the scenes she has and they feel good length. I will say if she is going to be involved it should be sooner rather than later but I’m interested to see what happens.

The girls all feel different from each other which is great. However, sometimes they feel different for the wrong reasons though. Arya says the same stuff all game outside of her events but her transition scenes are her being more greedy and into it while her dialogue outside never changes. She hates gaining weight and is upset by you suggesting anything to do with food or weight.

Lela has a path of getting more greedy steadily and I think it feels fine but her dialogue stops changing half way through her content outside of her one off scenes.

Yixing I like her route. She starts to open up and eventually gets into it but her dialogue and scenes outside of her one offs just don’t reflect that outside of the one instance where she asks if you like her larger. Her normal repeating dialogue feels like it’s not a part of the same route as the one off scenes in most cases.

Nina feels fine. I think she needs to have her line about “how do the other servants feel about her” needs to be updated with her stages but her route is shorter and starts off already ahead of the others so it feels different. However as the only woman who has been living in the kingdom naturally she is very opposed to gaining which is odd to me since the land which she has lived in for years prefers and encourages large women. I know she is not native to it though, while it feels a bit odd but it falls in line with how the rest of the girls basically don’t want to gain. So, she doesn’t feel out of place with the rest of the girls, just maybe the culture that I would have expected her to have adapted to by now.

Katerina is probably the same as Yixing, I feel her one off scenes feel good and her servant scenes match how she is but her dialogue in repeating events in her route feels more at odds with how the rest of her route is. Outside of her wanting you to help her train. Which feels like such a minimal thing with how it’s currently implemented.

The napping repeating scenes is a great idea. I like the concept and outside of adding in a way to still skip time by napping and skip watching any of the scenes. I think that is a good system and idea.

Inventory system is great. I would like to see a way to buy more than one of a particular treat, to reduce clicks but it’s a big improvement over how it was.

I think things are moving in a good direction. I think Nina’s content feels the most different with how it was implemented compared to the rest of the girls. It feels more natural that the Sultan feels more like a person in charge, not scared of women, and not necessarily afraid to interact with said women.

I still have issues with how it basically feels like the Sultan is not involved with the girls’ gains though. How in both dialogue and tone the Sultan feels very hands off and removed and the girls just do all kinds of fun things out of his sight. I don’t think the Sultan should be a very handy non consensual guy as there are plenty of instances of the Sultan caring and wanting his harem to do what they feel comfortable with. But they still feel very passive and removed (much better in Nina’s content) up to a point. If the early game is not changing with any of that I hope that added events and things will make this feel different as it did with Nina’s content.

The addition of music is good. I didn’t mind it, and felt it added a bit of something. It was a nice enough track that it felt it fit the theme and was not distracting. The council renders and dialogue add to the game and aren’t too long to get in the way when going through the kingdom stats on repeats.

I’m very interested to see where the game goes I’m hoping more content and things added in will alleviate some of my feelings if things don’t directly change currently. The Nina and Eyana content feels like a step in the right direction and I look forward to the patched content to be added. It’s a good update if maybe a tad short.


I just tried the game for the first time with this release, and I enjoyed it a lot for a game that clearly has a lot of ambition but is also still early in development. I was thinking so much of what Krodmandoon said here, so I won’t be redundant, but I do have some takeaways:

I love the girls, the visuals and the general concept. I think with some more work the kingdom management could be a lot of fun, especially if you can come up with more different issues to resolve in the throne room, and some more actions to try at court. It would also be good to see some more interesting ways for kingdom health to benefit the harem and their weight gain, other than just having the money to feed them. There’s a foundation for something really engaging here, even aside from just the fetish stuff.

It would be nice to have a clear display for some of the sultan’s stats, like how well-read you are. It’s kind of annoying to have to go back and forth from your room to read and then check back in the courtroom to know if you can pass a law yet. It would be nice to know how much reading each law requires and how much we have done to make this clear.

I’m not sure why talking to the court and getting kingdom stats from them is an action. If you’d rather have the interactions with them be necessary do know how the kingdom is doing, rather than looking at numbers on the screen, I hope this will become more interesting later. The court members’ renders are certainly as good as any others and I wouldn’t mind having to talk to them if it felt more meaningful and less costly. At least, though, just knowing how you’re doing seems like it shouldnt be an action. There are other things one would think should take an action which don’t, like visiting the bakery to buy from Fatima. And there are other things I think should not, like asking for advice from Jamal, especially when it’s pretty much nothing useful at this time and never changes.

And um… I assumed I had done everything but I do not recognize the names of two of these girls Krodmandoon mentioned. None of the Oracle’s clues made any sense to me in terms of actions I could take, so I dont know if that’s where I went wrong. Or maybe the other girls’ content just ended earlier than I could even meet them? I stopped because the game seemed over but I’m going to run through a few more weeks and see what happens.

There are also quite a few spelling and grammar errors right now, though I don’t think they detract much from the story.

Update: I still cant figure out who Yixing and Katerina are, after playing a few more weeks and taking all conceivable actions. What am I missing here? Tell me if I’m just dumb, but it sounds like 5 girls will join the harem but I only have 3, or that these 2 girls are somehow involved in the game at present yet I haven’t encountered them


You unlock Yixing and Katerina through increasing your stats. Yixing I believe is unlocked through increasing you taxation I think, and Katerina is unlocked from have 100 opinion or something like that. I could be misremembering though. :clown_face:


Ohhhhhh okay. It’s odd because you can finish content for 3 of the girls very fast and no other actions seem to accomplish anything. I have already gone through like 2 weeks with nothing happening and not gotten a clue.

It’s also a bit funny to get the same throne room problems all the time, especially with some just having inverted benefits and not being sure you’re getting anywhere. I did a bunch of days just walking around or reading for no reason expecting time to be the trigger. It would probably also have helped if asking Jamal how you get more girls had him mention that you should increase kingdom stats, because all he talks about is the Oracle. I’m not sure anyone in the game indicates this connection, but maybe I’m wrong and just missed it.

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Help. I’m a fool, I can’t figure out how to get new girls. help please


Get your military power to 100 for Yixing get your opinion to 100 for Katerina.

The oracle is purposely vague but Lela is tied to the tax trade route law (on of it not the first one you can do if I remember correctly) and then going for a walk and the rest of the girls being tied to a stat (and maybe making a new law, not sure as I always have that maxed out before I get to the stat requirement.)

@3437601 in 0.2v Get political political power up I was at 95 with all the laws unlocked. You will trigger a scene with Eyana which unlocks Nina. If you are playing 0.1 then everything else I have mentioned will help you unlock the rest.


I enjoyed this game. I like playing Sort the court!, so I’m looking forward to seeing where you’re going with that part. The girls also seem to have potential for interacting with the “sort the court” aspect. Seeing how their respective backgrounds seem to mesh well with the various stats and groups that need to be pleased (commoners, merchants, military, foreign ambassadors etc.)

The art is beautiful and the characters are likable.
I do hope the daily interactions gets fleshed out a bit. I feel like there’s potential to dive more into their personalities and backgrounds. I would have enjoyed seeing Arya in the practice yard slowly softening as a warrior. The fashion loving side of Yixing seems like it could be explored in light of this fetish too. Eating scenes are of course great, but variety is the spice of life.

Some more gameplay thoughts: I think if there’s any way to relieve the issue of players not being sure how to meet more of the harem, it would be to make the Oracle less cryptic. I understand her prophesies are intentionally vague and written for flavor, but, perhaps an additional, more direct message from the narrator giving us clearer direction would help. Like, (donate gold) -“Yadda yadda prophesy yadda” - (hey Player, try increasing your political power/pass a law/go for a long walk). Or, tie the development of girls you’ve already found to kingdom stats as well so a power-gamer can’t blast through all their scenes without making enough progress in the kindgom to meet more of them.

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I agree that some unlocks should be signalled more clearly, but an un-cryptic oracle is a bad oracle, and having the narrator “translate” would just be poor form. It’d be better to have to game encourage the activities that lead to unlocks, or move the unlocks to things the player already does.


A better solution might be for the “grand vizier” character (I forget his name) to make comments on the kingdom’s various stats and let the player put two and two together from his advice and that from the Oracle.


I understand your point about the prophesies. But there is an option to ask an NPC (who only exists to help the player) how you find more women, and his response is just to see the Oracle who really doesn’t answer the question either. I just feel like someone could provide the player with a better tip regarding the game’s mechanics. When I hit a wall the first time I just stopped because I thought the game was over, and it seems like others have also had issues figuring out what makes more of the harem appear. Idk, there are a number of ways to make the mechanics more intuitive or communicate them better, it doesnt have to be the Oracle becoming less mysterious.

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The oracles tips only make sense to someone who already knows what to do and even then they are so vague I doubt they are actually helpful. It’s theme is on point for something an oracle would say though. But it’s fitting into the games lore and world is outweighed by the fact that I think it misses it’s actual purpose to the player.

I know the first time I played 0.1 I didn’t even know I had missed two girls and the only way I found out was the same way you did. Someone else mentioned a name I didn’t know in a post.

I think @dingotush’s idea of a character to help interpret the oracles message, make sense. Obviously I don’t think there’s going to be a “non video game” way to convey the information needed to the player since it’s based on specific stat requirements rather than an event or scene. And I know I’d rather just have the info given in game rather then miss out on content, since unfortunately it’s not something you (at least currently) will naturally stumble into.


I too agree with dinogtush’s suggestion.Personally I think the fact that the the stats themself are vague is part of the problem. Adding a similar phrasing to the stats in the courtroom or adding it to a tutorial explanation of the stats could do it.
An added question to the vizir about the basics of governance where he explains the stats would make sense. If he explains the military power as the ability to control the surrounding area, then that prophecy is a lot less vague. If the opinion of the people is explained as being related to their wealth and happiness then that prophecy becomes less vague. The stats need an explanation anyway if they’re actually going to affect gameplay at some point and it doesn’t break with the lore any more than the existance of the stats themselves.

Another solution could be to not give the stats directly, but to translate them into a phrase.

Military power:
0-10 → “Our military power is weak. We Can barely keep law and order in the capital”
100-… → “Our military is mighty. Highwaymen and foreign armies tremple at the thought of setting foot in our desert”

0-10 → “The people are poor and hungry. They are close to open rebellion”
100-… → “You have ushered in a Golden Age. The people sing your praises”

That way the stats become linked to control and prosperity respectively, which should make the prophesies easier. It also adds a bit to the immersion, though you won’t be able to tell the exact stat.


Great game! Might want to update the project title though.