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Im not sure exactly how i got her but i believe that its an event on a specific day and during that event you talk to your solders and the spymaster then you unlock the map in the courtroom and you need to attack bafur to unlock her

Probably till one of the next updates

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How many more women shall we expect?

Would you make special editions of the game, if paid or in general?

Will we ever get cheats?

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How many events does the new girl from the ship have? I stopped after the main character asked the oracle for a potion. Is there any further progress?;

the game turned out to be cool, I would like to see further interaction between the girls and Fatima in the early stages. I’m really looking forward to the oracle update, she’s beautiful and clearly wants to get bigger)) But I would like to see her interact when she was thin. let’s say she tried Fatima’s bakery and started eating it, etc.))

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i’m a little stuck i’m trying to unlock the new character but can’t seem to find any new ways to progress into the story my stats for every character are maxed except for fatima 4/8 and valerie 2/3

If you are playing the most recent version from Patreon (0.4) you can unlock her by conquering the province it tells you too once you have unlocked the ability to conquer other locations in the court room. Which I think is linked to the size of your army, although I could be wrong about that?

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Just finished 0.4 and I am really enjoying the game, cant wait to see more!

my military strength is currently at 155 and i’m on day 100 still not popping up

Not sure sorry, for me I just loaded up an older save point and it has happened by day 60 for me (140 military). I don’t actually know if its linked to it or not. Maybe just try and solve a few more things in the court room and increase stats? If you used an old save, I have found the new mechanics - conquering didn’t trigger. Probably because I was already above the required criteria, so it never triggered? Just a guess though.

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Don’t use old saves they are not supported unless otherwise stated by @livegoeson4 the dev. If you are at day 100 and not unlocked her it’s probably because you’ve used a save from a previous version. There is no other requirement to get Rieligh unlocked other than getting to day 44. At day 44 Jamal will tell you that the General wants to see you. It plays a scene letting you know you can now access “the map” in the courtroom. Go to the courtroom and Take a look on the map and “attack” Bafur. With no stat changes at all and never doing anything in the game but passing time you can succeed. After you have won Rileigh will show up in the courtroom and you can find her at the docks. Choose to “Go somewhere else” then “Go to the harbor” and then “Look for Rileigh.”

EDIT: in case this was not clear from the way I said it, if you use an old save past day 44 the way the unlock is set up is an event that pops up automatically. This event will not trigger if your day count is past 44 to my knowledge and this is why you’ve not unlocked her.


First of all these updates give us a good experience, we can see Arya and Fatima following Yi Xing. I’m waiting for the other girls to pick up or three girls on top of themselves again. But just one question… does event rileigh end when MC get potion from Oracle? Because usually you give a red warning text that suggests it’s the last scene of the event in these updates. If it’s not the end then what should I do after that or it’s some kind of bug because there’s no follow-up at all after that

Hello, a question, how can I unlock Lela? It didn’t appear and I’m already at 150 with all the statistics above 200?

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Excuse my copy pasta.

Lela is unlocked by passing the trade agreement law. First you need to pass a new law to increase taxes. Go to your chambers and read a book once, and you will be able to go to the courtroom, and work on new laws. Choose to increase taxes. Reading a book seven more times will allow you to be well read enough to make the second law, arrange a trade agreement, by going to the courtroom one more time. After you have done this take a walk around town and you will have an event pop up to meet Lela. It’s RNG (random) so it may take a few attempts.


I cant seem to advance with new character the character says the next arrival depends if her king confirms after attaining the potion from oracle

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Been wondering about the update for V0.4 since may. So far no release. Im wondering if the person behind this is occupied with something serious or not.

@Jangzzz Its against our community guidelines to ask a developer about an update on the site.

However, you seem to be under the wrong impression. 0.4 released in May twenty-three days ago on patreon. The title of the thread and first post were updated along side the post below.


Hi. I’m from Russia. is there any way I can purchase the game?

Considering the quality of the game 1 month of no release is more than normal. If you really want updates you can always support em on patreon

Hi , I am from Russia too