The theme suggestions and drawing for "Lo-Cal" Gain Jam 2023

So what led to us selecting the particular theme? Why wasn’t your theme chosen and was the selection fair?

Anticipating some of these questions ahead of the jam, I sought to cover things with full disclosure and a recording of the drawing which you can see here:

As well as a link to the Google spreadsheet with all of the listed theme suggestions:

You’re welcome to review the list, see what might have been and what didn’t make the cut. As stated earlier, no infomration was tracked or shared so this has the unfortunate downside of anonymising the suggestions. Ho hum. It’s also lamentable that a few didn’t quite meet the standard for various reasons and I would be happy to explain my reasonings further if so challenged on them, but it should all be pretty self-explanatory.

My personal pick for a theme would have been the delightful “Localized - the game focuses on a single, alterable location or place.” as it felt like a lot of interesting scope to see a story or game focus to a specific area that changed over time. What would yours have been? Share you thoughts below!

Also a shoutout to the suggestion Lo-Cal-Motionion “Choo Choo, baby”.
Choo choo, baby, indeed. :sunglasses:


Not to sound weird, but your voice is great. A true voice for radio.

While I’m a wee bit disappointed my submitted theme did not win the drawing, Push the Limits is a superb option that is open to many creative and fun interpretations. Good luck, developers!

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theres a couple listed suggestions i think would have been a poor fit as a gain jam theme that werent removed :0 luckily the rolled theme was pretty nice but still

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