The Tlustý Institute: Guidelines

The Tlustý Institute is a fictional location set in modern-day USA dedicated to the study of expansion- and weight gain-related phenomena. We intend to make this an interactive project that would allow others to submit their own entries, however, there are some guidelines:

Submissions must be one of the following:
A) A non-expanded humanoid w/ expansion related abilities
B) An expanded humanoid w/ non-expansion related abilities
C) An expanded humanoid w/ expansion-related abilities
D) An expanded human whose expansion was caused by an anomaly
E) An anomalous item/location that causes expansion-related phenomena
F) A biological anomaly that causes expansion-related phenomena (microbe, virus, etc.)
G) An anomalous substance that’s causes expansion-related phenomena (solid, liquid, gas, etc,)
H) An expansion-related phenomenon or event itself

Expansion Defined:
What is meant by “Expansion?” Expansion covers all forms of weight gain, both intentional and unintentional, through the following means:
A) Stuffing (expansion from solids like most foods)
B) Bloating (expansion from liquids/water)
C) Inflation (expansion from gases/air)
D) Scientific Means ( expansion from lab experimentation, drug testing, etc.)
E) Supernatural Means (expansion from magic spells, pixie dust, etc.)

Expansion Body Part Focus:
For submissions to get approval, expansion must occur in at least one of the following areas:
A) Belly/Waist
B) Boobs/Chest
C) Butt/Hips

Expansion Body Part Focus (Additional):
The following expansions can also be used in addition to, and not instead of, the aforementioned expansions:
A) Arms
B) Thighs/Calves
C) Cheeks/Chin/Neck

Non-Permissible Kinks:
Please remember that this is a purely expansion/weight gain/fat-related fiction project. Try to avoid inserting other fetishes into your work, such as:
A) Old Age/Gerontophilia
B) Furry/Zoophilia
C) Foot Fetish
D) Gross-Out (farts, piss, shit, vomit, etc.)
E) Immobility/Health Issues
F) Expansions due to a medical or physical condition (pregnancy, tumor, diastasis recti, allergic reaction, etc.)
G) Mutations/Deformities (missing/extra body parts, lactation, secreting ooze, etc.)
H) Explicit & Unnecessary Sexual Content (in-depth graphic details about genitalia, penetration, sexual assault, etc.)
I) Pedophilia/Child Pornography (characters aged 13-17 can undergo expansion, but NO explicit sexual interaction w/ other characters (depicting nudity, penetration, etc.). Absolutely NO submissions featuring characters 12 or under)
J) Graphic Violence & Gore (including vore, digestion, cannibalism, etc.)

Permissible Kinks:
Examples of sub-kinks which are permissible:
A) Burping/Hiccuping
B) Denial
C) Humiliation
D) Force Feeding
E) Wardrobe Malfunctions
F) Teasing
G) Weight-Swapping
H) Empathy/Sympathy Gaining
I) Blueberry/Fruit (minus the liquid squirting)
J) Giant/Giantess
K) Strong-Fat
L) Navel Fingering
M) Tickling


Just a quick note that in general underage characters are not permitted in fetish games hosted/discussed here. It typically becomes a violation of our Always Be Civil rules on content that violates US laws, specifically due to the inclusion of minors in a game, even if there is no sexual content.


With all these guidelines, maybe it would be easier to recieve submissions through a Google Forms?

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Oh, well this won’t be a game. This is a collaborative fiction universe project, although I’m not sure this makes a difference. The submissions won’t be hosted on this forum, but rather an external site. Or at least that’s the plan anyway

so this’ll be more like the scp wiki, like a series of collaborative stories?

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Yes! That’s the plan

Definitely something that intrigues me.

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Fair enough, but just be very aware of the laws that apply where your external site is hosted. There can be some very serious consequences.


I’m not a fan of the guidelines, most of them are personal preferences like “No lactation” “No foot fetish” “No Old people” “No immobility” and the “Please remember that this is a purely expansion/weight gain/fat-related fiction project” it’s the cherry on the top.

It’s like asking for a boring consumable item/power/aura/entity that fattens people with no consequences or any flavor text whatsoever. I agree on keeping other fetishes as low as possible, but straight up restricting them seems a bit too much. For example, some kind of fattening mosquito bite with radiation that could cause other symptoms like nausea and such to make it credible could be cool, but due to the “Expansions due to a medical or physical condition” “No mutations/deformities” “No gross-out” “No health issues” rules, it’s just impossible.

With these rules, people will just write generic stuff like “Fattening burger that makes you fat! and and idk burp a lot!” with no story nor origin context whatsoever, just the symptoms on the subject, which seems to be restricted only to fattening.

sigh I’m probably being too harsh with this comment, but it’s the kind of vibe that I’m getting from these rules
I understand you don’t want fetishy stuff that gets out of topic, and trust me, I wouldn’t like that either but just by saying “Make it credible and with a formal-scientist-research format” I think it would be more than enough.


Sorry for not being as clear
For the “no weight gain due to medical condition” I was meaning real life conditions (cancerous tumors, diastasis recti, etc.) obviously weight gain itself could be considered a medical symptom, but the cause needs to be supernatural (which would work for the radioactive mosquito you mentioned). Nausea I guess would be fine, as long as it’s not coupled with actual puking (as then it would just become a purging-fetish article).
As for mutations, obviously if the weight gain or expansion itself is the mutation, then that’s fine as it plays into the theme of the concept, but if we have articles where someone gains 3 breasts or eyeballs for fingers as a mutation, then the expansion theme of the concept may become lost.
True, most of the rules appeal to a personal preference, but not necessarily one that’s held by me exclusively. If the submissions can be any fetish, then users would be playing Russian roulette whenever they click an article, despite the universe being expansion-oriented. Should someone else want to make an Institute to cover non-expansion-related phenomena, like aging-based phenomena, animal-based phenomena, or even weight loss-based phenomena (if that’s a real kink), then they should do so.
Sorry if I had been misleading with earlier posts

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Also, addressing your thoughts on the actual story elements. I should perhaps make notes about those in the guidelines, as you are right. My sole focus on the effects make it seem like expansion is priority over the actual quality of writing. The submissions should include context and be more than just “ooh look at this thing that makes you fat.” Even within the limitations I wrote out, I can still think of some variations that could take place:

Either there is something that normally doesn’t cause weight gain that does (the causation itself being anomalous) or something that normally causes weight gain but causes it to happen at an abnormal rate (the weight gain itself being anomalous)

The effects can also vary in terms of body regions/areas affected, with some getting heavier in specific places like the chest or stomach or rear.

The effect can either solely cause weight gain or cause weight gain in addition to weight loss, either within or between those affected. Or the effect could be something completely unrelated to expansion, but may cause it as a byproduct, depending on the person affected.

The effects can also be permanent, temporary, episodic, or reversible through treatment or some other method. Some may even choose the effects voluntarily.

A person could also expand without necessarily gaining weight (that itself could be a submission).

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(sees gas isn’t a permissable fetish) I’m out.

Re-reading this topic has actually finally dragged me out of lurking, and caused me to make an account here…

I agree with Hatty, that some of the guidelines seem strange. There are obvious personal tastes and biases, and that makes sense (and isn’t a problem), but some of them (and how you define some things) still seem strange in the context of the subject. You did a good job (in response) addressing a lot of what was confusing from your initial phrasing, but there’s still a problem with things like putting lactation under the “Mutations/Deformities” category. That one is the primary offender that struck me, and is honestly really in poor taste and inaccurate - lactation is definitively neither of those things. Additionally, it strikes me as odd to limit something as innocuous as immobility from the list in a community such as this - I get that it can have serious health consequences (in a much more realistic setting than this seems to cover), and that some don’t care for it, but it is hardly a tangential or unrelated interest to weight gain as a whole. One might say something like AE, BE, or other far more targeted types of weight gain are actually less related to the primary topic, and that immobility is merely the primary focus taken to a logical extreme (and one that does not start expanding outside of pure weight gain, such as growing so fat one outgrows buildings, cities, etc.).

Again, I definitely understand wanting to create something within your range of interests, and avoiding kinks (the term most often mislabeled “fetishes”) that aren’t explicitly (or at all, essentially) related to the primary topic. However, it’s normally easier to be more transparent about that, so people who might say expect immobility to be a foregone possibility in a wide collection of SCP-like weight gain subjects and materials can know that it’s being excluded as a matter of tastes, not a matter of something they should expect to look for in predictable ‘out’ subjects. This is further underlined by considering burping to be completely outside of the “Gross-Out” category, when it definitely would fall within that for some.

It’s an interesting idea (especially if the intent is to create something others might be able to pull from, for their own creating works or roleplay), and could be good fun to waste time on (much like falling into the rabbit hole of the SCP wiki - which I swear is an SCP unto itself, the way it makes time seem to flow differently than it should while reading it). That said, you should maybe at least revise and reevaluate how you phrase and categorize some things; if not just for clarity, at least for accuracy and transparency.

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Hello, thanks for your inquiry. I should actually specify I am not particularly against immobility in-and-of-itself, however, I do wanna steer clear of disease-related immobility, as that could potentially go into some darker, borderline “necrophilic” territory. The lactation bit was very poor wording on my part. I was trying to say lactation for male characters as a mutation (unless that’s normal and I don’t know of that), but then I continued to address lactation as a whole anyway. The point was I didn’t want articles focused on specific sub-kinks that weren’t expansion related. I’m sure that’s some of my personal preferences bleeding through, although according to some fat kink tier lists posted on here a while ago, a lot of the users seem to agree with me on most things, with “bramps” and health issues being ranked all the way on the bottom

Oh, I’d personally also put things like farts and the sort very off the bottom of my list, too (honestly, I dislike many types - and excessive - burping as well). That said, we can’t entirely help our biases, we just need to be aware of and transparent about it. For lactation, I’d say that what I know of it is that lactation in men is something that does happen, but is normally caused as a side-effect of various conditions and/or disorders (ranging from relatively harmless hormonal fluctuation all the way up to breast cancer, which men can indeed get). Considering that, I’d say that’s fair (original wording aside) - especially since lactation isn’t even an expansion kink, even if it’s sometimes an inflation-adjacent one (and some people connect inflation and expansion, because size change).

I’d at least say leaving out the more generally ‘questionable’ kinks does sound reasonable. Everything should still be, I’d argue, clearly stated, though. It’s certainly an interesting idea, as I already said.

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Given the already niche kink that this caters to, I think your rules are far too specific. They seem extremely restrictive, and are written in what I would almost call legalese. You don’t need to define expansion here, and it certainly doesn’t help your case.

I’d be fairly interested in submitting works to your project, but given the fairly rigorous and strict rules you’ve set in place here, I fear that attempting to work with you might prove unpleasant.


Sorry, I was just trying to dum it down on the slight chance someone who doesn’t know what expansion is stumbles across the page. Although I know most likely only people who are already into it will go onto the site. I would just to skip all the technical stuff and just leave it at “expansion” without stating which areas need to be expanded, but then of course if I don’t explicitly state that, then there’s always gonna be at least one confused person who writes a submission featuring an expanded elbow or earlobe or something.

I am sorry you feel that I would be unpleasant to work with. I knew some of the parameters I set would turn some ppl away, but was not expecting for them to be considered super restrictive and unworkable. I am a bit confused as most posts on this forum don’t seem to feature the elements I said I was not fond of. Instead of defining things in terms of what is not allowed, here is what it is just to recap, and hopefully this makes it sound somewhat less restrictive:

  • Stuffing (expansion w/ solids)
  • Bloating (expansion w/ liquids)
  • Inflating (expansion w/ gases)
  • force-feeding
  • mutual feeding
  • manipulation/hypnosis
  • messy eating
  • belching and hiccuping (no vomiting, farting, defecating, etc.)
  • denialism
  • sympathy/empathy gaining
  • wardrobe malfunctions
  • humiliation/self-deprecation
  • exhaustion/struggling (climbing stairs, bending down, etc.)
  • mild BDSM (belting, aggressive slapping, etc.)
  • strong-fat
  • skinny-fat
  • navel fetishism
  • giantess
  • worship
  • size differences (forget the term for that)
  • clumsiness/falling onto/knocking over things
  • wg-related imperfections (stretchmarks, cellulite, loose skin, etc.)
  • wg-related expansions and morphs (blueberry, turning into pig)
  • measuring/scale weighing
  • sweating
  • crushing

Unfortunately, that is still a big list. As well as things that most people normally don’t have an issue with - mainly, denialism, worship, giantess, clumsiness and such.

Maybe explain why you don’t want these in your writing, so that people are more sympathetic to your desires?

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No, I DO want those in writing. I was saying instead of saying what I don’t want it the stories, I’ll write what I do want so it’s more positive