the weight balance of classes

so I have been wondering for a while. What would be the best Balance of weight in characters for standard rpg classes. the Tanky Knight , the agile rouge and the wise wizard (thats also the RPG triangle. knight beats wizard,rouge beats knight,wizard beasts rouge) this idea is with weight lowering agility and making you a bigger target (as in higher agro and less dodge chance) but being much more durable and stronger. so would it be Fat wizard chubby knight and thin rouge, thin rouge chubby wizard and fat Knight, or thin wizard chubby rouge and fat knight?

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Regarding the specific question: rogue should be thin, in my opinion. And the wizard can be fat because (s)he does least movement
Overall: I think a fun way of designing a game is to let any of the 3 classes choose any of the 3 body shapes, but of course it would mean more developer effort, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to have all body shapes available to all classes or to have limited shape/class combinations to reduce dev. effort

it really depends on how fat and fights are handled

for the wizard it matters the least because they have ranged attacks

if the knights armor works like it does in real life where you have to do percussive damage or stab in between the joints for it to do damagethen being heavier might be useful. being heavier I would assume it be harder to knockdown/grapple (a lot of armored combat was centered around grappling).
but you could probably just have heavier armor and get the same effect.

the rouge would be most affected by being slower because daggers are really short compared to most other weapons. but if they manage to get into dagger range then being heavier would be useful in the same way as for a knight. there is a lot of grappling in dagger fighting as well because if you are in range to stab someone with a dagger you can also grab them

I’m a big fan of using fat has a neutral “trade off mechanic.”

I’d say each class should uniquely interact with fat. For example, maybe a witch/wizard may chose to make themselves giga obese, giving them much more HP. Since they can’t move as easily, they may opt to use a float spell to get around. Buuuut, the float spell can be interrupted if they’re struck, creating the possibility of their lard enshrouded body smacking the pavement.

For the knight, i’d imagine fat interacting with the armor and reach distance. Being real big can cause some excess flab to ooze out from the connecting armor joints, creating potential weakpoints against an otherwise unstoppable body. Also, an especially heavy knight may discover that they’re too fat to reach and strike anyone directly beneath them, adding another cost to their hearty build.

The rogue might seem the worst for fat, but with some smart game design, it could totally work. Perhaps the game could have a rogue build focused on stealth, rather than speed, where the rogue sneaks up on unsuspecting targets and crushes them with their immense girth.

Again, I really like it when weight both rewards and punishes the player, since it encourages the player to actively interact with fat as a mechanic. That’s when it’s the most fun.


This thread idea is really dumb. Every character should be able to be fat. Anime characters are often too thin to do what they do. The whole point of the game should be to make it fun and having weight affect things in such a typical ways is not fun at all. At least not if it is a combat focused game. A fat rogue sounds like an ideal main character to me.

Every character Could. I just like some more GAME in me game and actully having the option to try and stratigize if the weight on my rouge is worth it