The Wizardry College v0.51 - A college management game (source code released)

Thanks for letting me know. What strategy have you tried?

I am not sure about what the optimal strategy is for the game, since this depends on the numerical details. However, one of the most essential designs is that you make money by making people eat a lot and exercise a lot – one gets fat if one eats a lot, one goes to the gym if she is fat, and you make money by making her go to the gym. Try to structure your economy this way.

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Perhaps instead of changing the scripture, the player changes the goddess they worship and the religious group that supports the school. You’re already throwing out other traditions, so why not throw out the Theologians, too?

The event could occur when the school has a very high weight average and very low opinion. A different religion that worships a different goddess of beauty, one that has much more body mass due to her focus on harvest or fertility, could contact you saying they’re supporting the direction you’re taking the school and want to support you, but only if the Theologians are out of the picture. This way you could increase the body weight standard and even add some fun events exclusive to the new group. I figure that the trade for the more lax weight acceptance could be initially taking a significant financial hit due to reparations and loss of tuition from students who came to or were interested in coming to the school for the Theologian aspect.

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What do massages do? because sometimes the gym pops off for me and sometimes it doesn’t…

Awesome! Thank you very much for the thorough response and I look forward to seeing more in the future!

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selling restaurant day 1 and having always +100 reputation to reduce mandatory exersice as much as possible, +100 greed and more events as MC bonus and using lots of cosmetics classes to try to survive the income game since logistics became a crazy problem

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so what does Banging girls do as a skill everything else has a clear effect but i haven’t seen what that one does at all lmao


Faction is a great idea, as I do like politics. Let me think about how to implement a complex politics dynamics in the game.


It gives you 100 greed, which is a hidden parameter

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and what does that do :sweat_smile:

greed i mean i assume it means you make more money or something?

Who in the game do you want to behave more greedily? How could that tie back into “banging girls”? :slight_smile:

genuinely dunno who you are referring to lol.

but man i can’t figure out this game for the life of me can never seem to get the balance right for making money.

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What do you mean by selling restaurant? do you mean opening shops tradition?

The higher that stat is, girls will want to eat more food and therefore will get fatter faster.

pretty cool game so far, looking forward for more updates!

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In v0.4, you can sell the restaurant to a corporation. You will also be able to sell the gym in later versions.

40 Kilograms is only 80 pounds. Getting told off for how obese my students are when they’re only 220 pounds or 100 something Kilo, that’s… odd. It feels like that should happen at maybe TWO HUNDRED. That’s not thin, but it’s far from the hugely obese blobs it feels like they’re being called.

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When the codified beauty standard of an entire religion is 99.2 lbs

Maybe wizards are just really short lol


Hmmm, that is a weird bug. Could you please let me know which event/place/character says this?

This problem happened at the end of the first month in the 0.4 version

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In the difficulty aspect, it seem more related to being a bit counter intuitive how cearting policies affect income. And the only way to find out is trial and error, since the text give you to a ceartain idea which is not the same at the moment of income calculation.
Like how higher proffesional classes cost money each month, while cosmetic don’t.
Or how “better facilities” only increses the cost of the tickets, thus promoting girl to NOT use the gym, thus reducing your income in some cases.
the difficulty is not high per se, since when you know how the system work is easy to beat the game.
But unless you know, it’s just unclear how your choices affect the economy of the university.