The Wizardry College v0.51 - A college management game (source code released)

Update: as of now, I see myself having no time to continue updating this project. For that reason, I have released the twee code on Anyone interested in it is welcomed to adapt the game to their liking and even develop the game further – If you do carry on the development, please make an independent post and I would be happy to hear and try my hand on it if anyone does carry on the development in the future, but that’s it for now.

I myself might work on a side twine project that is more role-playing based on the combat system I have developed in this game in the near future. Stay tuned!

Hi all!

This game represents my effort in making a deep and complex realistic (let’s call it magical realism) management game in our genre. The game is text-only and far from complete but already has a satisfactory game loop. This game is a repost from the gain jam section, and I will continue the development here. Also, I plan to make the twine code open-source so that enthusiastic players can also help develop the game.

Please let me know what you think! Also, please let me know if you find a bug!

In this game, you are the new headmaster of a prestigious all-female wizard college. The college is in huge debt, which needs to be paid within an 8-year period (96 rounds). To be successful, you need to

  • Find a way to balance income and cost to sustain the college!
  • Expand the horizons and waistlines of the students!
  • Alter the thousand-year traditions to be profitable!
  • Prevent the arrogant chief priestess from firing you (and even fight back)!
  • Interact with the outside world and exotic cultures!

How will you save the College? There are six endings currently (2 bad, 3 good, 1 great).

Some ideas that I am thinking about implementing:

  • A tourism mechanic
  • More random events and traditions (Feel free to suggest!!!)
  • A major theology update
  • Other factions that compete over the standard of beauty (there are already hints of this in the current version)

What you can do to make the game better?

  • Click on the like button and make suggestions!
  • Please suggest events / traditions / plots / mechanics / systems / anything, and I will incorporate them when feasible
  • Report bugs and typos
  • Share what you like and dislike about the game

Here is the link: The Wizard College by BetaMarx (

Change log:
v 0.51
– minor bug fixes
– the source .twee code is released

v 0.5 (I believe that the game is much easier now because there are far more economic options)
– Combat system. Now, you can actually fight with dragons and other wizards! (more to come)
– A new place to visit: The Dueling Club
– More on the Corporation. Now, you have a lot more interactions with the corporation
– A new stat: happiness
– End of year event
– The debt is now paid on an annual basis
– 3 more events
– Bug fixes and balance adjustment

v 0.4
– 3 new events (now 15 in total, each with 2-3 major variations. I plan to increase the number of events to roughly 25 and with more variations, eventually)
– Theology update (there will be a lot more to come). Now, you can see and influence what the campus desires
– You can sell the restaurant to a corporation (more to come)
– Some bimbo content related to the IQ stat
– More advanced and customizable game start
– More detailed descriptions in the character files
– A student manual for your perusal
– UI update
– Balance updates and bug fixes
– The most significant update is the game’s coding infrastructure, which the players cannot see directly, but this will make future game developments much easier


How about making the chief priestess available to be spoken with after funds towards her reaches a certain point and she’s put on weight. Then you can talk to and persuade her to slightly raise the weight standard of beauty towards her current weight. Additionally, choosing the “banging girls” perk at the beginning changes it to charming her and gives a bigger increase.


Wait…did you seriously copy-paste your old post? The gain jam is over, so you should’ve at least deleted that line lol

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Oooops, I thought I removed it!

Hmmm, the banging girls option already has a special job. Changing the mind of the priestess does seem to be something a lot of people ask for. Let me think about how to do it

I feel like maybe some weight gain for the principal would be fun.

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Hmmm, could you please elaborate on this? If I am really to include this part, I want to make sure it would resonate well with the rest of the mechanics.

Yeah it would be nice to have her change her mind as she gains weight or something

Is there any way to change the thelogian’s mind and move the ideal weight?

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Not in v0.35. But you can seriously influence what people think about beauty in v0.4, which I just updated (however, you still cannot influence the ideal weight).

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Thanks for the suggestion. Besides balancing issues, one main problem is on the storytelling side. In the current story, the ideal of beauty is regarded as a quantity that is given in the “scripture.” How can you reasonably change (in terms of storytelling) a quantity that is a “holy” quantity?

I mean maybe you could have the High Priestess change the scripture, or have her lobby some council to gradually change it. To really spice things up you could even have the main character find/make some new scripture that says that a higher weight is actually best.


You should add PC weight gain + a gender selection at the beginning if you feel so inclined

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well finished 0.4 and really love how it’s progressed.
run into a bit a barrier with weight, once you reach over 130 weight the “Obesity cost” is impossible to overcome, it increased like 200 per month xD
but had a lot of fun, plus the influence systems allowed for more customizable “fetish” since before it was all random depending on which princess / bard visited the school.

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Just wanted to say - thanks for the game! You finally got me off my behind to stop lurking and start commenting.

I loved the 0.4 update - particularly the ability to hand things over to Bigladies Corporation for food management. I know you have your own plans and thoughts, I just wanted to write down what it inspired for me in terms of “It would be cool if”. I know any and all of these would be a lot of work and just wanted to write it down.

Some thoughts:

  1. It would be nice to be able to invest in infrastructure upgrades to decrease the obesity cost to management, and you could tie this into unlocking additional tradition-breaks, for example:
  • You install scrying orbs in the dorms, so that students can attend class remotely.
  • You allow teachers to teach remotely.
  • You summon magical servants to carry students that are struggling with their mobility.
  • You install feeding equipment for students that are too big to leave their dorms.
  • You build larger dorms for the largest students
  1. It would be nice to see more of the Bigladies corp.
  • You could sell the Gym to them too.
  • You could offer them access to the “magical powders” that grow student parts to help students get bigger faster.
  • You could offer them access to the “magical powders” that grow students to get some money back over time - e.g., keep 60% instead of 50% of the money.
  • You could have a “bad ending” where they buy the college after it goes bankrupt if you’ve sold everything to them.
  • You could have a “good ending” where you buy them out or merge with them and turn the college into their laboratory, where they experiment with techniques to make women as fat as possible.
  1. I’d like to see more milestones for student weight eventually.
  • First student with breasts / butt too big to fit into the classroom?
  • First student too big to move?
  • First student too big for cosmetic magic to hide their fat?
  • These could help trigger the “tradition breaks” in 1 above, if you were feeling fancy.
  1. It would be nice to change the scaling on priestess opinion. I’ve noticed it seems to be exponential: you seem to gain it very quickly if you’re at high opinion and gain it very slowly if you’re at low opinion.

  2. On a related note, I love the ability to make students bigger by holding masses dedicated to particular body parts, but I would also love it if there was a way to increase the scaling - i.e., make it exponential rather than linear. It would be awesome to take butt sizes to 200cm, 400cm, and beyond. Another note - could consider using either cc (cubic centimeters) or bust size in CM for breasts. I noticed that you used the alphabet and beyond “Z” it goes into “undefined” territory.

  3. Other random thoughts for potential tradition breaks / things that could be added:

  • Would be cool to have massage parlor upgrades. Maybe you could sponsor the parlor to offer some powder-enhanced massages for free?
  • You could add events where girls use cosmetic magic to make themselves look even fatter than they are because the standard of beauty has shifted so much.
  • You could add the ability to sponsor the magic powders at the shop to make them cheaper for students and encourage the use of them.
  • You could add the ability to sabotage the weights at the gym - mark a 20lb plate as a 10 and so on to make exercise less effective.
  • I love the bimbo content that was added but it would be awesome to have more and have ways for the player to play on it / with it. Dunno if you’re against it, but lips are a common part of the bimbo fetish and that would be an interesting post-bimbo unlock - lip expansion.
  • For example, you could add content where girls actively avoid studying because it’s become uncool.
  • You could add in them becoming too stupid to even do cosmetic magic and events where they try and fail.

Game has some potential. Looking forward to see next updates. Thank you for the great work.


Thanks for the suggestion. Initially, I designed a mechanic where Candra would compete with the Chief Priestess, and you can ultimately Candra can replace the chief priestess – and you can influence the beauty through Candra. However, the problem was that this is too difficult to balance. Still, let me think about what the right mechanic here is

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Yeah – by design, getting too fat too fast is a trap. Because obesity costs a lot, and you do not have the economy to support that and you get a game over easily if you are too fat. By the way, how did you get to 130 weight? Presumably, by selling the restaurant?

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First of all, thanks for liking the game and the detailed (and very good) suggestions!

Yes. This is indeed what I have in mind. Wait for it! The examples you gave are very good and more extensive than mine. I will try to incorporate as many as possible

This is also a plan! (though I am not quite sure about the laboratory idea, one principle I try to stick to is to make the gain part realistic – gaining by experimenting on them feels a little too far away from life for me, but let me think about it)

Actually, the change itself is always linear. A low/high opinion just has a high correlation with bad/good performance in other places (such as a low IQ event), which further decreases/increases the opinion. Let me say that I do plan to give the opinion part a little redesign in the future

Hmm, I have some reservations about this. For my part, I want to make the gains not too unrealistic-- one reflection of this design is that the average of the college should not be too much higher than the actual fattest places in our world, and so do the breast and butt. So the design is roughly that within 96 rounds, you get to, at most, say, 180cm for the butt (of course you can go higher if you continue the game after winning). That being said, I will make the scales more nonlinear in the future. Also, to compensate for this design, I will make it possible and easier for individuals to get to much larger sizes in future versions.

Lastly, updates to the massage room and more bimbo content (such as lips) will certainly come. Wait for it!


So far I’ve only ever played 3 times and gotten game over money game over money game over opinion, so if there are a bunch of other endings I am missing out on them so far :slight_smile:

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