The Woman in the Basement

Hello everyone, how are you?

I hope you had a great Christmas. After a long time, I bring a new character that I made, as I was watching a lot of horror things, I decided to do something a little more horror-oriented.

I present to you: The Woman in the Basement (or Sarah for those more intimate)
One stormy night, you heard something falling in the basement of your house, when you go down to check, you find Sarah hiding in the shadows. Sarah has a mirror personality, Sarah’s personality will change according to your interactions with her, calm interactions will make Sarah have a calm personality, violent interactions will make Sarah have a violent personality, etc…

You can check out this character here
Or also here

Before finishing, I would like to ask, do you prefer created bots, character bots or scenario bots?
I really wanted to know about this

Thanks for reading and a happy new year to everyone :slight_smile:


Man, I really like the characters you make, honestly this was one of the most curious ones you’ve ever made, I just think you should leave a link to the artists who made the images


How do you get the last two photos? This is my first time and I can only get the first two.


I like scenario bots the most. I like protagonist Wg.


thanks for your opinion

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I like this character more then i thought i would. It was very fun getting to know her. I must’ve re-run things with her a hundred times lol. Can’t wait to see more. I do like protagb weight gain myself.


I’m very happy that you liked it, I always try to do the best I can :slight_smile:

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Anyone got a link to this chatbot? I can’t find it anymore?

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