Things to do with a belly

Here are some action-related prompts to give you ideas for how your character can interact with their or another’s belly:

Things done by bellies:

  • Suck in and push out
  • Pop shirt/pants buttons
  • Break bindings (like belts, ropes, chains, etc.)
  • Make gurgling/sloshing noises
  • Mexican wave/belly dancing
  • Expand/grow
  • Jiggle when moving (walking, running, climbing stairs, etc.)
  • Bump into things (like people, walls, restaurant booths, etc.)
  • Bump/rub up against another’s belly
  • Peek up above surface of water (when bathing)
  • Constrict/tighten/scrunch up (usually when tickled)
  • Blush
  • Get goosebumps
  • Sweat
  • Sag or hang to floor when on all-fours or in push-up position

Things done to bellies (by self or someone else):

  • Lift up, then let go to let it drop (onto a table or counter)
  • Massage with oil
  • Compress belly by pushing on sides with hands
  • Put small objects underneath belly/in belly roll to see if they stick
  • Finger belly button
  • Pound side of belly with side of fist
  • Play belly like a drum
  • Hold belly in arms as if cradling a baby
  • Flex arm underneath belly like a one-armed cradle
  • Smack side of stomach (see if it leaves hand imprint)
  • Hold back/restrain with hands/arms, then release to let belly go
  • Make shapes by squeezing belly fat with fingers (like a heart or “bagel” around the belly button)
  • Rest hand/arm on top of belly
  • Bind with corset, belt, rope, or chain
  • Pinch sides of waist/belly
  • Dig fingers in, scratching
  • Tickle (with finger or feather)
  • Poke (with finger or long stick-like object)
  • Squeeze into small booth or desk
  • Hold bottom of belly in palm of hand
  • Insert hand into deep belly roll/fold
  • Grab love handles
  • Gently rub
  • Get eye-level to belly and kiss it
  • Hug it
  • Use as a pillow to rest face on
  • Clean with soap and water
  • Clean belly button with q-tip
  • Press open hand against front of belly
  • Tuck into pants
  • Manually jiggle with hands
  • Run belly fat through space between fingers
  • Crush object (like soda can) between wall and belly
  • Shave happy trail
  • Get tattoo on belly
  • Draw face on belly and make belly button move like mouth
  • Get belly button piercing
  • Knead and roll belly like pizza dough

Woah… Talk about creativity~! I don’t got an obese belly like that- But this would be a hella fun thing to do with it~

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