Thinking about making a minecraft server

I think it would be interesting to have some kind of fat fetish mine craft server, I’m not sure on the details yet like if it should be creative or survival, what version of mine craft it should be, if it should have mods, etc I figure that I can decide that stuff once I found a few other people that are interested in this and we can see what everyone likes. I would most likely be hosting this on a free site like aternos or something so the server would be able to run but it wouldn’t be very beefy or anything, though I don’t even know if that will be too much of an issue.
Edit: I am going to be making the mine craft server soon and will see how people like it.
I have decided to make the server whitelisted so you will need to tell me your minecraft username so that you can join the server. I also highly suggest everyone make a free aternos account so that I can give them permission to start the server, otherwise you won’t be able to play unless I’m online, it’s just how aternos works.
I have also created a discord server for people to add suggestions or generally talk about the mine craft server.
server address:
Link to mods:
mods - Google Drive
Discord link:
WG Minecraft server 🔞
Edit 2 (technically edit 4):
I am going to be moving this to the regular project topic.

I might be interested! Would want mods, though it’s gonna depend a lot on what mods. CPM, pehkui and create are kinda required for me to be interested in a server anymore, but that aside there’s a lot of room to hash out what we’d want to play with.

Okay, cool, I like all of those mods. I guess that they would also narrow down the minecraft version to java edition and a minecraft version that is somewhat newer like maybe 1.16 and up or maybe even 1.14 and up depending on what versions of mods we use.If we do play on a modded server, a mod I might be interested in would be immersive portals. I guess we would also still need to figure out whether to play in creative or survival too. But this is definitely a good start, thanks for the mod suggestions!